Drop Dead Diva: That Crazy Lil’ Thing Called Marriage

DROP DEAD DIVA: 4.05 “Happily Ever After”

I enjoyed Sunday’s episode of Drop Dead Diva (even though it broke my heart), but first, I have a complaint.

Was anyone who had seen commercials or previews for this week’s episode surprised by the ending? Because I was rather annoyed. For a while there, I really wondered whether Owen would drop the diva, but then we had already been told in the promos that someone was getting a pretty hefty ring at the end of the episode. I certainly didn’t think that it would be Parker and Kim (though it was nice to see those crazy kids back together), and Grayson didn’t have time to get a ring, so it didn’t take much to put two and two together. So Lifetime, I’m rather annoyed at you. Stop spoiling things for us watchers. (It reminds me of that time you showed Denise in Army Wives shooting a gun with her hands tied together leading up to an episode where we could easily figure out how she was going to take out a psycho at the beach house.)

Anyway, beyond that, I really enjoyed the episode. I thought both cases were incredibly interesting. Seeing Parker in a father role, responding to his child’s concerns for his teacher was nice. But what was more interesting was seeing Kim face off with the judge. You don’t see that too often in this show, despite grumpy judges being a staple of those litigation shows that came before (“I don’t care what you do in Mass-a-chu-sett-s” from The Practice comes to mind).

But I really enjoyed Jane’s case, mainly because we were seeing a system of law that was not ours. Jane knew it was a case she’d never win at the embassy, and while I’m sure every monarchy isn’t as bad as this one was, it sure made you realize how nice it is to be tried before a jury of your peers. Jane’s been told before that she wouldn’t win a case, but I was still surprised she lost this one. I’m just glad she and Grayson could find a loophole to let this poor woman stay in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Oh, Grayson. And then there was one. You knew marriage would be a big theme in this episode, mainly because of the case, but I didn’t realize that Owen and Jane had moved along so far in their relationship. I thought when he proposed, we would have gotten Phoebe’s answer in Friends when Mike first proposed: She didn’t want a ring; she just wanted to know they were headed somewhere.

But not Jane. Jane’s in love, and now she’s got a very heavy rock on her finger. And I’m pretty sure Grayson has one in his heart — a rock so hard it broke it. Poor Grayson.

Must every episode end in heartbreak? I swear, that man has one incredible puppy dog face. It gets me every time.


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