A Chat with Connor Jessup from ‘Falling Skies’

Are you still reeling from Sunday night’s game-changing Falling Skies? A life was lost — a life that I personally thought was safe — and the whole 2nd Mass is heading to Charleston for…what, exactly? Plus, we found out that Ben Mason might not be as harmless as we thought, and the Skitters just may not be done with him yet.

There are a lot more questions than answers in this season, and I was lucky enough to ask a few of my own questions to Connor Jessup, who plays the Ben on the series. Connor had some good insight about his character and what’s coming up this season, but answers? Well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see about those.

Check out some of the highlights from the call below. And don’t forget to tune into Falling Skies on Sunday nights at 9/8c on TNT.

About last Sunday’s stunning episode: With Jimmy’s death, Ben’s attitude is certainly changing. As Conner said, Ben hasn’t been all too truthful in the last few months: “Until now, there hasn’t really been any consequences — or any serious consequences — of that. But Jimmy’s death obviously is a very serious consequence…It will change the way Ben thinks about everything.”

But that’s not the only thing changing. Connor notes that the aliens’ relationship with Ben and their relationship with Tom is still in question. And as the season goes on, revelations will start coming to the surface: “Things become more complicated than they seemed at first.”

About being harnessed: Ben’s the only surviving person who has been harnessed, and as we saw in last Sunday’s episode, there may still be repercussions. But Connor notes that it’s very much tied into the mystery of the show. In season one, he had no idea what would happen to Ben — even if he would be rescued, but now it’s very important to the series: “Whenever you talk about the aliens and what they’re doing to teenagers or why they’re here, that inevitably is going to come back to Ben at some point.” He notes that with every new script, there just more revelations and new developments to the characters.

Does he ever know what’s going to happen? Not really: “Rarely anything more than a vague comment or two.” They get their scripts about a week before shooting, and that’s really the first time they know what’s going to happen. If it’s something big — something that might change they way he would play a scene, he said — they might say something, but it’s nothing solid. “Which is good,” adds Connor, “because, you know, I think, because Ben doesn’t know what’s happening either. So having that element of confusion in me, I think, helps…”

How’s it been on set? “It is a fun set. Everyone jokes and laughs.” He said that they’ve developed strong bonds on the set: “It’s kind-of a tired expression to say you become family when you’re on set, but it is true.”

He also told a fun story about 200 extras, covered in dirt with rain and wind machines running beside them, all following orders, while a director shouts “Duck!” and “Scream!” through a megaphone. He said, “And you just look around, and all these people are kind-of like following these directions. Two hundred people basically fulfilling a childhood fantasy.” He compared it to growing up playing soldiers, cowboys, and aliens: “Basically that’s what you get to do every day, just with a bigger budget.”

Finally, the big question: Should we trust Ben? “I wouldn’t trust Ben. That‘s all I can say. If I were in the 2nd Mass as me, and I saw this kid running around, I’d say, ‘No. No thank you.’” Connor adds that Ben hasn’t given them much reason to trust him, sneaking around and doing illegal Skitter hunting. He doesn’t seem all that trustworthy.  “Is he actually trustworthy?” Connor adds. “Who knows?”

I guess we’ll see. Don’t forget to watch Connor Jessup on Falling Skies to find out on Sundays at 9/8c on TNT!

*images courtesy of TNT


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