Drop Dead Diva: Ugly Duckling

DROP DEAD DIVA: 4.04 “Winning Ugly”

This episode didn’t get my attention until the end. I know that’s an odd way to start a post, but let’s be honest: It didn’t.

The entire time I was watching this episode, I didn’t think much about Jane’s investment in the case. She’s always rooted for the underdog (even the jury consultant said so). But I figured the emotional investment was because she, someone who used to be beautiful, stuck in an imperfect body. Now, as we’ve seen in three seasons prior, Deb’s gotten pretty used to what Jane looks like, and she sees beauty in herself. But even so, She’s not the same model as she was before.

But in the end, perhaps it wasn’t Deb who was coming through. Perhaps Luke is right. The real person that was reacting to the case was Jane herself. Sure, Jane’s soul might be elsewhere, but somehow that insecurity is what was driving her throughout that case. She was the little girl who never took a picture and never saw herself as beautiful. Even Deb was able to see beauty in Jane. It was Jane who needed to fight that case.

Perhaps Deb is becoming less and less of herself in Jane. And Jane really is the one still left standing.

It all becomes that much more complicated with Owen and Grayson. Grayson is clearly still hung up on Jane, and Owen is still smitten. The game at the end of the episode was great, and Owen’s words — that Grayson won the game but he’s the one really winning — were just really pointed. Owen knows Grayson’s true feelings. And man, Grayson’s puppy dog face really gets you every time.

In other news, Parker had an arbitration, and it was quite humorous. Nothing like a rat to help you see that your former lover was a rat. Ultimately, that was just entertaining — a nice balance to the other case — and I liked that Parker is actually getting a relationship with his son.

Finally, Pakes. Yeah, I don’t have any idea how that will go moving forward. I guess we’ll have to wait and see! But the song was nice, either way.


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