‘Randy to the Rescue’ Fails the Mission

I got married almost two years ago. You’d think that now that I’m not longer looking for a wedding gown, I’d stop watching things like Say Yes to the Dress, Four Weddings, and Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids. But I haven’t. Nope, not only is Say Yes to the Dress my go-to guilty pleasure show (it’s even on my Netflix queue), but despite my irritation at the ridiculousness of certain series, I have made a habit of making sure I watch my wedding shows every Friday night. Heck, for a while there, I was even tuning into multiple episodes of David Tutera on Sunday afternoons. But I digress.

A new show that recently premiered on TLC, coming in just after my weekly visit to Kleinfeld’s, is Randy to the Rescue, a new show where Randy takes a trunk show of bridal gowns to various cities all over the country, finding the perfect dress for as many women as possible, and even providing a wedding makeover for a few select ladies in the process. There’s only one problem: It’s boring.

I’m not saying I don’t enjoy Randy. Randy’s great. But Randy’s at his best when he’s not the main attraction. What Say Yes to the Dress has that Randy to the Rescue doesn’t is a handful of recurring characters. Week to week, we’re seeing consultants work with a revolving door of ladies, who are both picky and indecisive, trying to find them their dream dress. The consultant’s paycheck is on the line, and so is her patience. In other words, what’s missing is the drama.

Randy’s great, but he’s also someone who’s always nice and always happy. You don’t see Randy getting frustrated with rejected dress after rejected dress on his new show. You barely even get to see a bride get frustrated! The show features a few select brides that we see Randy handhold through the process, with bits and pieces of other ladies saying “yes” to the dress along the way. But David Tutera he is not, and ultimately, it lacks the flavor and drama of the many consultants at Kleinfeld’s.

What the show does offer is full makeovers of the brides-to-be after they find their dream gown. It’s like you’re watching What Not to Wear in its final 15 minutes. The bride gets to come out on a runway (which, by the way , is cheesy as all getout) and then gets to see herself in the mirror for the first time as the bride. It’s nice and all, but it doesn’t make the show.

Two weeks in, I’m just bored. I like Randy, and I like Say Yes, but Randy to the Rescue just isn’t doing it for me. Who knew that every Friday it wasn’t the pretty dresses I was tuning in to. That, Randy has. Instead, it’s the actual people, the actual plot, and the actual entertainment.


9 thoughts on “‘Randy to the Rescue’ Fails the Mission

  1. Oh shut up. You’re such a loser anyways for watching this every Friday. Randy is great and you WISHED you had his job. What a dummy.

  2. I think this show is great! He is always concerned about the women’s self esteem as well as appearance. Such a wonderful break from the average reality show!

  3. For those that haven’t had the “pleasure” of trying on wedding gowns recently, Randy is a breath of fresh air. The snobby small town inexperienced, “ladies” that show gowns want to up-sell prospective brides. It isn’t about what looks good, it is about $$$$$. Randy, on the other hand, is cheerful, tries to please and has a positive something to say to each bride…wonderful guy…wish we had lots more “Randys”

  4. This new show is Randy at his best ever! He is the show and its great. Yes he has a huge heart and it shows as only he can dress brides the way he does! Great job Randy and Canada loves u wish u would come up here as we too have brides waiting for someone like u to dress them!!! Good luck and keep up the great work .

    A faithful watcher from Edmonton Ab Canada

  5. I’ve recently been offered to appear on the show. After reading this though it somehow made the excitement well not as exciting:(

  6. HI @Angie U! How exciting! I hate to let my thoughts as a viewer on the show change any of your excitement for being asked to appear! I’m a diehard Say Yes to the Dress fan (and frankly, Randy looks like a lot of fun), which means many other wedding shows are compared to that standard. I’m sure your experience on the show and choosing your own gown would be very different than as a viewer on a couch. I hope you enjoy it!

  7. After spending the weekend with Randy to the Rescue I can say it was the most wonderful experince! From walking into the beginning of taping for the show to the final reveil. Randy was able to find the perfect dress and look for my daughterI would recommend it to everyone if they have the chance

  8. I love randy to the rescue My biggest wish is my daughter could be one randy gives a make over to we just love randy. 💞💞💕💕💕💕💕

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