Bunheads: Ever Since I Put Your Picture in a Frame

BUNHEADS: 1.02 “For Fanny”

I have to give Bunheads an award. An award for making me care for — and cry over — someone who I knew for less than one episode. Hubbell’s death was rather unexpected, and we barely got to know him. It’s only fitting since Michelle barely knew him, too. But Monday’s episode sure got to the heart of the matter.

At first it didn’t. Fanny was focusing on her over-the-top memorial for him. And the ballerinas were taking advantage of the day by going to the movies, saying callous things behind closed doors. Michelle was just around, left with nothing to do.

The humor in the episode was a little odd at first, but then you remembered the type of show it was: the fast-talking, quirky small town drama. I loved seeing Michelle and the dog, and honestly, even in all the side conversations, you just realized more and more how absurd the behavior was, that Fanny might not be herself, and that Michelle had no idea what to do in response to it.

The one thing that really felt off, though, was the response of the ballerinas. I hate to say it, but at the initial watching, the behavior of the girls bugged me. I realize that they are young and probably didn’t know Hubbell very well. And sure, they probably didn’t realize the levity of the situation. But I somehow doubt an entire group of teenagers would be so mean, self-centered, and heartless — or at least so clueless. Sure, Boo seemed to have realized that the behavior was inappropriate. But for an entire class to be talking that way, it didn’t entirely make sense.

But then again, it didn’t affect them. Until Sasha realized that it really did. Her teacher was crying and upset. And she needed to do something. I love that this revelation came from the most self-centered of the group, and seeing how the episode really turned around to give Fanny what she needed was beautiful.

Now it all make sense. Without the callousness, we wouldn’t see how kind and generous their gesture finally was. And that last dance was just wonderful. Sure, it wasn’t a crazy memorial for Hubbell. But then again, Hubbell wasn’t there anymore. The person who was there was Fanny, and she’s the one that needed a little sentiment and memory.

So here we had it. The final memorial for Hubbell. Well done, Bunheads. Well done.


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