So… Who killed Rosie Larsen?

The season 2 finale of The Killing was on last night? Remember that show? The one that started off really strong, but then steadily devolved into a series of cliches, red herrings, and boring wrong-turns that eventually culminated in a season one finale that made you angry for ever bothering to waste your time with such a poorly planned, poorly written show in the first place?

Well, we finally got to find out who killed Rosie Larsen last night (not like anyone really cared at this point.) I didn’t watch it, as there’s only so much abuse I can take in one week, but the brave folks at Warming Glow somehow managed to strap themselves down (Clockwork Orange style most likely) and watch this slow-motion car wreck of a show finally stop spinning like a dented hubcab. The ending, the final explanation for Rosie Larsen’s murder, sounds about as hilariously stupid and pointless as I would have expected. If you want to know how the show ended but don’t want to waste precious minutes of your life actually watching it, head over to Warming Glow and prepare to have your mind blown by the ridiculous plot contortions that were apparently necessary to end this story.

If AMC has any sense, The Killing should now be as dead as Rosie Larsen.

And now, because I am a mature adult, here is a promotional photo that I defaced.


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