Thursday Open Thread: Best TV Dads

Father’s Day is right around the corner. Actually, it’s even closer. It’s this weekend. Sunday, people! Time to celebrate those men in our lives, the ones who raised us, raised others around us, and entertained us. You know, on TV.

Who are some of the best TV dads?

Somehow, TV dads are much easier to find than TV moms (have you noticed how many TV moms are killed off in various series?). But whether they’re the best, hmmm.

Honestly, most are just entertaining. I have to give mad props to Tim on Home Improvement, and the “dad” trio on Full House was great, too. And why I could commend the usual (hello, Paul of 8 Simple Rules), I’m going to step out of the box and choose someone from a drama
That’s right. I’m choosing Will Girardi from Joan of Arcadia. He supports his family, is stern and protective when he needs to be, and has the general cluelessness when it comes to his teenage daughter. But then, there are the sweet moments, the ones where father and daughter just get along; he’s someone she can also confide it.
I’d say those are great qualities of a dad (in fact, they’re quite familiar from my own life), so I nominate Will for best TV dad. Who do you pick?

5 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Best TV Dads

  1. My lovely wife would like to drop a nomination for Bill Cosby. Or at least for the father he played on The Cosby Show.

  2. I’m also gonna go for the father in Boy Meets World. Though I do recall him getting a bit pissy when Corey and Topanga wanted to get married.

  3. Oh, Friday Night Lights. I never watched that show. It’s on my list of “shows to watch during hiatuses.”

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