Drop Dead Diva: Unchained Melody

DROP DEAD DIVA: 4.02 “Home”

I hate Luke! I hate Luke I hate Luke I hate Luke! Uggggh! I hate Luke.

Last night’s episode was heartbreaking. Man alive (yes, it was so heartbreaking it just made me write “man alive”), if you weren’t ready to burst into tears yourself at the end of the episode, you clearly have a heart of stone. Grayson was sad. Jane was sad. Owen was sad because Jane was sad! Uggggh!

On the bright side, I think Jane and Owen are absolutely adorable. As much as I want Jane with Grayson, they’re just so great together, and Owen is so likable. If she can’t be with Grayson, at least she has a good backup.

But Grayson has an incredible puppy dog face. Seeing his expression as she fought the desire to cry at the song, seeing that he might’ve just discovered that he was wrong about Deb and Jane, man that hurt. Then, to turn around and see Owen take his seat at the table. There was just a lot of hurt in that restaurant.

So let’s not dwell because it’s breaking my heart all over again. Let’s go to the cases at hand.

There were two cases, both a little preposterous. First up, we had Kim’s dad, who took over his employer’s house because he owed him money that he didn’t pay off. Somehow, they made a win (mainly because of Kim’s attention to detail and proving that the boss did some illegal activity along the way), but it was a bit silly. I’m a little over seeing the successful lawyer with the deadbeat/poor/slothy/fill-in-the-blank dad. It’s just been done so much before (including a certain Ally McBeal episode).

Jane’s was much more unique, even if it was unlikely to happen in real life. Her young client turns out to be kidnapped on a technicality: social services just never showed up. It was rather interesting, seeing this kid who was so mad at his father that he wanted to be emancipated do a 180 when he realized his father might go to jail. Personally, I was happy Jane won. It did feel rather truncated. In fact, the son barely reacted to the discovery about his father, let alone seeing his birth mother later. It just felt like a lot to take in, in a short time.

Finally, there’s Stacy and Nikki. I know I didn’t spend any time last week discussing Kim Kardashian’s presence on the show; honestly, I’m still trying to figure out my thoughts. She’s so borderline that I can’t tell if we shouldn’t trust Nikki, or if Kim Kardashian is just so sloppy of an actress that she can’t deliver her lines genuinely. Perhaps this is working in the show’s favor. Either way, I’d like to see a little less of her than more. I wish we had kept her as a cameo in the last episode, instead of bringing her back week after week.

What’d you think? Are you a fan of Nikki’s? What about Luke?


One thought on “Drop Dead Diva: Unchained Melody

  1. Just saw the episode today. It really is heart-breaking when Jane was crying because she really love the song and the movie.

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