Dallas Screening in Boston: All About the Event!

Last night, Dallas came to Boston — literally. TNT’s new show Dallas had a special screening of the first episode, and it wouldn’t be an event without some special guest stars! Dallas‘ own Jordana Brewster and Julie Gonzalo, who play Elena and Rebecca in the series, were there in style, answering questions after we watched the show.

There was a good crowd there, and you could tell we had some serious Dallas fans in the house. Not only did they know some good tidbits about the original Dallas back in the day (did you know Patrick Duffy was a prankster?), but if the sea of people scrambling for autographs didn’t tell you there were some great fans, seeing someone’s “Who shot JR” shirt was certainly telling!
Here are a few fun tidbits from the Q&A last night.
  • Is the show old or new? Well, Jordana and Julie certainly consider it “Season 15.” It’s 20 years later, so you get to see where the original characters are, but you also get to tune into a new generation. “It’s everything you love about the original Dallas and more,” said Julie.
  • The girls are thrilled to be part of the series. The original stars are happy to be working together, sure, but what was Jordana’s response? “We get to be part of Dallas — what?!” Julie added, “It’s a lucky turn of events that we get to be part of such an iconic show.”
  • You may not know this, but not every show is filmed where it’s set (ok, we all know this). But Dallas is true to its name. The show is filmed in Dallas, and the cast loves it. They said it was great to be in a town, representing the people they’re seeing in their own backyard.
  • When asked whether Larry Hagman was still a stickler about smokers (according to one fan, he was), the girls had a surprising response: There are no smokers on the show!
  • Both Julie and Jordana praised Cynthia Cidre on the writing of the series, adding that she wrote great scripts and twists and turns. Julie added, quoting Patrick Duffy, that there were many attempts to revise the show years ago, but they didn’t get it right until now.
  • Everyone on the show is so lighthearted, including Patrick Duffy, who’s a jokester. Overall, it’s just fun.
  • Do they have a favorite villain on the show? Knowing how duplicitous everyone is, it’s a toughie, but Julie had her pick: JR. “He’s pretty good at what he does,” she teased.
  • Alright, we’ve got two gorgeous ladies and two hot men. Who would Jordana pick for her man? “John Ross is so cute as a bad boy,” she says.

The girls were so much fun to listen to, and they really added a lot of excitement to the event. Some final words? Julie had one final note to the audience: “Give us a chance, and we’ll have Jesse [Metcalfe] take his shirt off.” After some laughter and questions on what’s to come, she added, “Don’t trust anything or anyone, and just watch it.”

And watch it we will! Check out Dallas next Wednesday, June 13, at 9/8c on TNT for the special two-hour premiere event! And check out some photos below from last night’s event below!

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*Sorry for the low quality of the images.
Blame my iPhone and bad photo editing skills.


3 thoughts on “Dallas Screening in Boston: All About the Event!

  1. Nice slideshow. I thought it was interesting that they said a lot of the original was shot on a soundstage instead of on location!

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