Drop Dead Diva: Saying Good-Bye All Over Again

DROP DEAD DIVA: 4.01 “Welcome Back”

Could anyone handle Sunday night? Come on. We had a rather suspenseful Game of Thrones, an intense Mad Men, and then this episode of Drop Dead Diva. I told you it was darker, and let’s just say that some people’s emotions are still raw after that one (me!).

So where did we leave off? Let’s see: Kim became partner. Parker left her in charge while he went to find his ex-girlfriend and son. Owen was leaving for New Zealand. Stacy was not going to jail. Grayson kissed Stacy, and she said that she wasn’t Deb, Jane was. Jane saw said kiss and ran to the airport to go to Italy. Jane told Fred about the kiss and left him at the departure board. And in the end, Grayson raced to the airport, only to miss the flight, and Owen took the open seat next to Jane.

When we get back, it’s a mere three weeks later, and let’s be honest, not much has changed. Parker’s still gone, so Kim’s still in charge. Jane’s still in Italy, and Grayson’s awaiting her arrival back in the states. Fred is nowhere to be seen, and Stacy’s just trying t figure out what to do next.

The one thing that has changed is that the firm seems to be going under. In fact, the only reason Jane returned was to help the firm. Of course, she has Owen in tow, which Grayson sees as he arrives to meet her at the airport with flowers. She’s moved on, and he’s stuck in the past.

It’s a nice reversal. And it’s especially interesting considering that Grayson doesn’t entirely know whether Jane is actually Deb. Stacy’s telling him her mouth vomit was figurative, but he’s putting the pieces together. And by the end of the episode, all signs point to his discovery of the truth.

Meanwhile, we had Stacy, trying to figure out what to do about Fred. He moved on to another girl, but she was still in love with him. She went to love guru Kim Kardashian (ok, she wasn’t as bad as I thought she’d be, but let’s see how this goes…). She finally gave up on Fred, just in time for him to discover that she’s all he ever wanted. And when he discovers that he can’t have her, well…

Ok, let’s be honest here. It was hard enough to say good-bye to Fred the first time, back in season one. Now we’re saying it again? And it looks like it may be for good. After all, Jane’s got a brand-new angel — the angel investor — to replace him. Has that ever happened before? Perhaps I just have a soft spot for Fred, but I was really upset! The moment that he spilled everything to Stacy, I didn’t realize what that meant. I was happy he came clean, and I was happy that she was so accepting.

But then he told her that meant he had to go and that she wouldn’t remember anything after he did. And it was true, as soon as the door shut, Stacy blinked and was fine. Fred was never there, so she was fine.

But the heartbreaking part was his good-bye with Jane. Jane didn’t even get the chance to say anything. He told her how thankful he was, how he understood how hard it was to be human. And he thanked her for pressing the button. It was a good-bye. And she didn’t get to reply. She just turned around…and he was gone.

Ok, I’ll be honest. I was crying. I’m a sap. But after seeing Jane get used by her client so that she could literally get away with murder, it was just tough to take. What’s more? Well, let’s just say I don’t get the best vibe from her newest guardian angel.

Did we really just say good-bye to Fred? Does Grayson know the truth? And what does this mean for Jane?

Good thing we have a whole season to find out.


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