Thursday Open Thread: What to Watch this Summer?

Eliot said that April was the cruelest month, but for a TV fan, the end of May might be even worse. Most of our favorite shows have had their season finales (Community, Parks and Rec, Fringe, Revenge) while others are coming up only in a few weeks (Mad Men, Game of Thrones).

I love longer days, and spending time outside but I like having something good to watch every once and a while as well. In that respect, summer looms on the horizon, a vast black hole of programming. I think Raked is really excited for the return of Falling Skies; I like the show, but I’m not quite as high on it. I think I can honestly say that I don’t have any thing on my radar as a must-watch this summer, and that makes me a little sad. I’ll spend some time watching back episodes of The Wire, but I do wish there was something new during the hot months that could draw me in.

What about you? What summer series (new or old) will you be watching between now and September?


3 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: What to Watch this Summer?

  1. Right now I have Magic City on the DVR. I heard it was an 8 episode season (or series?) so I decided to let it fill my DVR and then watch the episodes back to back. Other than that, I don’t have much to watch or catch up on. Usually towards the end of the summer, the next season of Dexter will be avaible. I’m a season behind, so I’ll be watching that.

  2. Falling Skies, definitely. I’m also interested in TNT’s new show Perception. And honestly, I think Dallas will fill the primetime soap opera hole. Oh, and I should get back to watching Drop Dead Diva, especially since in a couple weeks our Sundays will be open again!

    I do think I should take some time to invest in some “must see” shows that I’ve never seen. I might make an experiment of watching and reviewing Veronica Mars, but still, part of me is not sure I can handle that much sarcasm. I do want to go back and finish watching Harper’s Island; I only saw the first episode.

    All things I’m trying to do to distract myself until Vampire Diaries and Revenge return! Seriously, they had the two best finales this season!

  3. Veronica Mars is a lot like House. It seems all clever and witty at first, but once you string a bunch of episodes together back to back, you start to realize what a tool the main character is. It loses it’s charm pretty quick after that.

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