It’s Curtains for Some ‘Smash’ Cast Members

Well, with the first season over, it’s time to start thinking about what’s going to happen in season two for our favorite shows. One of the shows that’s moving to the top of my list is certainly Smash. And clearly it’s on the minds of those in charge, too, since two four (new update below!) cast members are leaving the show.

Who? Well, keep reading to find out.

All you haters got your wish — plus more. Two Smash men are taking a bow.

That’s right, a certain menacing assistant is not going to be causing any more trouble. Jaime Cepero, who plays Ellis in the series, is leaving the show, along with Dev’s Raza Jaffrey. It’s not clear whether these two will be back to wrap up their story arcs, but seeing as Ellis was loudly fired and Dev watched from a dark distance while Karen shined, I’m not sure they really need to. Either way, it looks like we’ve got some room to grow in season two.

Personally, I’m happy to see Ellis go. If only we could have blown him up in a plane, a la Kate from White Collar. As for Dev, well, with this Dev-elopment (I couldn’t help myself), it looks like there’s a big opportunity to grow that quiet moment Karen and Derek shared in her underwear in the dressing room. Of course, that’s just my guess.

Update: Turns out Ellis and Dev aren’t the only ones gone. New sources state that Brian d’Arcy James (Frank) and Will Chase (Michael) will also not be returning for the second season.

What do you think? Are you happy to see these men leave?


4 thoughts on “It’s Curtains for Some ‘Smash’ Cast Members

  1. I am so glad Ellis is gone for good! I cannot stand him. And it’s not even in the “love to hate” kind of way. I am so glad he is leaving. Not sure how I feel yet about Dev, Frank, and Michael all leaving though. I’m not too fond of the cheating storyline, but the way they ended this season with Julia possibly being pregnant, it seems weird that they would both be leaving.

  2. I’m happy Michael’s gone. Honestly, I thought when he left the first time, that was the last that we’d see of him. The fact that he came back, still whining about how much he wanted Julia was bothering me. I thought he got over that already! As for Frank, well, I’m surprised they’re both gone, and yeah, not sure what they’ll do with Julia now. Sadly, it looks like Leo’s sticking around for a while.

    Dev, well, I’m pretty indifferent to him. I think they ran out of places to go with him. They can do a lot more with Karen without him, and honestly, the Ivy thing? Uggh. That was a low point for Dev and the whole show. When he sleeps with her nemesis, you know they’ve run out of stuff to do.

    Plus his coworker looked exactly like Karen, and that was confusing if you weren’t paying full attention to the show. 😉

  3. I thought Dev was good with his co-worker. I LOVE Julia and Michael..they are HOT both on and off screen! Please KEEP Him on the show! No Jennifer Hudson..Ick! And more Angelica and Thorston K.

  4. I am deeply angered that Frank and Michael are both leaving. Michael was amazing with his singing. Frank was just pretty cool. I dont know i just got so attactched to them in this season. JUlia might be pregnant. Michael cant leave. Plus she needs frank for the adoption!!!!!!!!!! i am so upset. I love jennifer hudson but i dont think she should go on the show.

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