Community, 8-Bit Style

COMMUNITY: 3.20 “Digital Estate Planning”

Over the last few years, Community has created some of my favorite half-hours of television ever. the paintball episode; the Goodfellas spoof about chicken fingers; the Claymation Christmas episode… You get the idea. But last night’s “Digital Estate Planning” might have been the best. The gang spends most of the episode as avatars inside an 8-bit style video game, and I spent most of the half hour flooded by memories of a Nintendo Entertainment System childhood.

This was a really fun, very nostalgic episode for me. I just want to run down a few things that really made me smile.

  • Loved the 8-bit music.
  • If you didn’t notice, Jeff’s jump looked a lot like Megaman’s
  • As for the game itself, it looked to me like a bit of a cross between an advanced Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and Castlevania II… Both of those games were pretty damn hard, so if the Hawkthorne challenge was anything like them, we should give the study group a lot of credit.

Link couldn’t accidentally kill the blacksmith in this game though.

Didn’t play enough of this one to know if Simon could accidentally hack up some villagers. Probably not, because that’d be hard with a whip.

  • I like how the Elder Hawthorne transformed into a ridiculously difficult boss after his first form was vanquished. Very video game-y of you, Community. If only I could have used one of those flying atom bombs that Pierce was riding back in my 8 and 16 bit game playing days.
  • The overland map resembled the 16-bitSuper Mario World, though I’m pretty sure that game didn’t have a Gay Island.

All in all, “Digital Estate Planning” was a trip down memory lane for me. Now, if only someone could go out there and actually MAKE this game. Maybe a Kickstarter, anyone? I’ll pledge $20, I promise!

3 thoughts on “Community, 8-Bit Style

  1. The correct title is Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

    The SNES Zelda III: A Link to the Past is a totally different game.

  2. Watched the episode and enjoyed it, but unfortunately, the impact of it was much smaller for me than it was for most. Having watched episodes of Code Monkeys a few years ago on G4, the 8-bit animation and craziness was nothing I hadn’t seen before. Although I did appreciate Jeff’s Mega Man-esque jump. Code Monkeys, by the way, is basically a sitcom set in the video game world with South Park-level humor.

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