A Belated Open Thread: How’s Finale Season Been to You?

Was yesterday Thursday? Oops. I guess I missed that. Not entirely, mind you. I watched my three episodes of Community and even made sure to find out who died on Grey’s Anatomy (it’s not a spoiler when the promo tells you someone will). I guess I’m just way too wrapped up in all the finale madness. Speaking of…

How have you  been liking the finales of you favorite shows so far?

Ok, ok, not every show has ended yet. Revenge finishes up next week, for example (I’m so excited). But many of our favorite shows have, and I want to know your thoughts.

Personally, I’ve been rather pleased. Sure, I might not agree with writer KT on Once Upon a Time, and I didn’t watch the Castle finale that everyone seems to be talking about. And yeah, I might have seen How I Met Your Mother‘s ending coming a mile away.

But ultimately, I’ve really been enjoying them. Last night’s Community fest was great, even if the season finale felt more like a series finale. Smash was just a ton of fun with original music to boot (and it gave me goosebumps). Oh, and don’t get me started on Vampire Diaries. That episode was pure fantastic, making me gasp, cry, and squint at the TV in disbelief (and/or suspicion) all at the same time. Completely worth it!

Really, I’ve been treated pretty well this finale season. What about you?


4 thoughts on “A Belated Open Thread: How’s Finale Season Been to You?

  1. I have been very impressed with the finales of shows I watch! Smash was absolutely amazing. And Bones, Vampire Diaries, and Grey’s Anatomy all left me with cliffhangers!! I was especially impressed with Bones because the past few episodes have fell a little flat for me. And the last one was just great. I think I might need to watch Vampire Diairies again because a lot happened at the very end.

  2. All caught up! I liked Scandal’s finale a lot… it’s a decent show! I will be back. Smash’s was excellent, a nice feel good end to the season (except for one part…), and Hart of Dixie’s ended on a safe, fun, predictable cliffhanger. Grey’s was good too! (I am glad KM got me back into the show again!) Was Community’s finale a series finale? It felt like it:(

  3. Community’s episode did feel like a series finale, but I think it was made that way in case it wasn’t picked up again — which it has been, for a shorter season four. It was rumored that next season would be its last, but nothing official has been said yet, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for even more than that! #sixseasonsandamovie

  4. Ooh, the Castle finale was fun. I’ll be very interested to see what the fall out from that will be at the beginning of next season — if they’ll hit the big reset button or if they’ll make a big change like having [SPOILER] open up shop as a [SPOILER]… hmm, maybe I should just write a post.

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