Pop Pop! Community renewed for (shorter) season four!

Yes! Huzzah! We finally have word!

Community has been renewed! It will have a shorter season order (sadly, only 13 episodes), but let’s be honest: I’ll take what I can get! No word yet as to whether these episodes will be aired in the fall or the spring, but folks, we’re getting more of these crazy kids! And frankly, that’s just coolcoolcool.


Thursday Open Thread: World’s Greatest (TV) Moms

Mother’s Day is just a few days away, and it’s time to celebrate those great women who have made such a difference in our lives: TV moms.

(Ok, I’m teasing. I know our real moms — mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, guardians, mother-like-people — have had much more of an impact than the fictional ones we see on TV, but for the purposes of my TV blog, let’s just go with TV moms.)

Who are some of your favorite TV moms?

Once you start thinking about it, it’s really hard. There are a lot more prominent TV dads than there are TV moms. Of course, the Gilmores come to mind. But let’s face it: Sometimes Lorelai isn’t the best role model, as fun as she may be.

My mind keeps going to Kitty on That 70s Show. She was always sweet, hospitable. Sure, she had her alcoholism issues, but she knew how to treat her son well, and she knew how to give her slutty daughter a hard time. She was quite entertaining, and hey, I just like her.

Now, before I share any other mothers, who are some of your favorites? Who’s your vote for greatest TV mom?