Taste Testing ‘2 Broke Girls’

TWO BROKE GIRLS: 1.23-24 “And Martha Stewart Have a Ball”

KT likes the flavor, but isn’t sure about the texture.

My in-laws visited last week, and as we were gathered around the TV, they asked if we’d been watching “that broke girls show.”  We haven’t, though Tivo keeps recommending it to us, so when they insisted that it was hilarious, I told the machine to record it for us.

For the record, my in-laws helped get my husband watching Big Bang Theory (which we love) so this recommendation seemed worth a shot.  And I can solidly say I do not regret spending forty-some minutes on Two Broke Girls (turns out I caught the full hour season finale).  I was left with zero interest in the supporting characters, but the leads are charming, and though there were an awful lot of really terrible jokes, there were also a good number of genuine laughs.

The two broke girls themselves, Caroline and Max, are THE reason to watch the show.  I don’t know how much of this season it’s taken them to get here, but they clearly have a genuine affection for each other and their banter is sisterly, cute, and often funny.

Less funny were the supporting characters, who consistently got poor material, worn out jokes, and easy stereotypes.  Maybe the writers do better by them in other episodes, but I don’t have a lot of hope.  When Caroline and Max are around these caricatures, they flatten out into the stereotype premise of their characters. Ditzy rich girl. Sarcastic waitress.

By themselves, though, or at least away from the diner where they work, they have space to show us more of themselves. Some of the interactions and reaction shots in the boutique scene were funnier than all the diner scenes put together.  And by the end, I easily liked Max and Caroline enough to be happy about their triumph.


One thought on “Taste Testing ‘2 Broke Girls’

  1. I’ve watched the intro scene to several episodes of 2 Broke Girls. Unfortunately, I’ve haven’t found a single one to be funny and as a result, haven’t had the slightest inkling to actually sit through a full episode. The writing just seems downright awful.

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