Thursday Open Thread: Famous TV Moves

We’re still here! Ok, I know the posts have been slow, but that’s only because it’s entirely my fault! Between gallivanting around the globe and now moving, I’ve been rather busy. So instead of writing, my time has been sucked into packing. I’m still watching my same TV repertoire, but the blogging has hit some roadblocks. I’ll do what I can to fix that.

But in the spirit of a big move, how about an open thread?

What are some famous TV moving episodes?

Yes, that’s right. By TV moves, I don’t mean TV show scheduling changes from Thursday to Tuesday to Wednesday to Monday to Friday and so on a la Scrubs. Nor do I mean kickass dance moves a la Marshall (though those will be two fantastic open threads one day). No, I literally mean people moving houses, apartments, cities, and so on.

Of course, the one that comes to mind first is Annie’s move in Community, which even had its own hashtag. But I think the one that stays with me even more hits the nostalgia point of my childhood, when Uncle Jesse moved out of the Full House house (or tried to) when he married Becky. Michelle was oh so sad, and even gave him her pink pig. I think it even had flashbacks.

Maybe not the best episode, but definitely famous. Can you name some others?

Oh my god, the single tears. Hahaha. Am I heartless? (I’m pretty sure Michelle’s was courtesy of Visine.)

2 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Famous TV Moves

  1. I remember that Full House episode! What about Friends when Monica and Rachel have to switch apartments with Joey and Chandler? That was funny. And they kept it going for a few episodes.
    Another Full House one is towards the end of the series (I think) when some stranger comes to the house and says he wants to buy it. But then Michelle convinces her family that they should not move.

  2. Oh, man, KM, I have such aggression toward that second Full House episode you mentioned! That was during the “everything revolves around Michelle” years. Seriously, they were crazy to turn down that offer!

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