Fringe Renewed for Fifth and Final Season!

Ok, so I was going to leave it to Twitter to talk about the FANTASTIC NEWS, but I just can’t contain myself. Fringe, FOX’s ever bubble show, has been renewed for a fifth season. The season will be its last — a 13-episode order — but it will push the show to its 100th episode. Quite a milestone for the precarious paranormal bunch.

I could not be more thrilled with the news. I’ve been and off-and-on watcher (yes, shame on me), but in recent seasons, I’ve really been doing my best to keep up with the show. And even when I wander away, I still get pulled back in with the story arc and, let’s face it, Joshua Jackson on a weekly basis.

And I’m not the only one. Remember when Fringe won TV Madness?

I’m so excited about this happy news! And what’s more? FOX already has a promo. Check it out.

Yes. I just got goosebumps.


Thursday Open Thread: Best Sick Day TV

Everyone send a big virtual hug JC’s way, since he’s home sick. Don’t worry, he’ll get better once he rests, but he’s got a big dilemma on his hands: What to watch on TV between naps! Sure, he’s watched at least half an hour of The Price Is Right, but what’s next? Daytime TV sucks (especially for dudes), so what do you recommend?

What is your recommended sick day TV?

When I had my wisdom teeth out, I remember watching hours of Days of Our Lives (seriously, I could have only watched one hour per day, but it felt like that was all I watched), but I can’t say I’d recommend it. Really, I think I’d have to go with an old favorite marathon, like Gilmore Girls, Buffy, or Angel.

But that’s if you’re the “awake” sick. You know, spending more hours awake than asleep. If you’re more of a napper, you need smaller chunks. If I’m too lazy to find a DVD, it’s HGTV to the rescue, since most of the shows there are only half an hour. If it’s a DVD, I’d have to go with 8 Simple Rules or a classic like NewsRadio.

So what do you recommend? Tell us now! Help a sick JC out!