Thursday Open Thread: Favorite Vacation Episodes

And we’re back! After a fantastic trip to London and Paris, I’m back to the good ol’ U.S. of A. and back to watching the usual TV suspects. Thanks for your patients and for those who read in my absence! Now, let’s move on to an open thread!

To keep with the journey theme, how about we talk about those crazy vacations our favorite characters take?

What is your favorite vacation-themed episode?

Now, I’m going to be as lenient and open to interpretation as possible in this. “Vacation” could harken back to those TGIF series that all seemed to go to Disney World at one point or another. Or maybe it’s a day trip away from the office (yes, The Office, I’m looking at you). Maybe it’s a “vacation” that actually turned into work in some procedural when a dead body turned up at the hotel (there have been a lot of those). Maybe it’s a weekend away from the city. Or maybe you want to reference a stay-cation or a soap opera. Who knows!

While I can’t pick just one, I am currently thinking of Rory and her grandmother in Europe. Sure, this was a very brief part of a Gilmore Girls episode (at the beginning of season five) and the overall plot was blah, but I just love seeing Emily complain that her view has changed as she looks over her hotel window, as if they had the gall to change something in 30 years.

But really, I think I’ll go with Friends in London. Yes, I have a soft spot for London, but it was just entertaining. Monica and Chandler got together. We had the big name flub in the wedding. But the scenery was fantastic and the jokes were good. I’ll go with it.

What’s yours?


One thought on “Thursday Open Thread: Favorite Vacation Episodes

  1. The London episodes of Friends is definitely a favorite. And of course, I like when Full House goes to Disney and DJ sees Steve everywhere. Another fun one is with Saved by the Bell when they go to Hawaii. For something more recent (kind of), I like when The Office takes the day trip to the beach and Pam runs over the hot coals. That was when the office was still good!

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