Thursday Open Thread: Cutest Kids on TV

Remember when the Olsen twins were the “it” kids? They were the cutest kids on the planet. Now, their heads are somewhat large for their bodies, and they just don’t get the job done. And let’s be honest, why should they? They’re much older now (and not on TV!).

But cute kids still take over TV. Isn’t that was Raising Hope is all about? Ok, I don’t know because I’ve never seen it. But between that show, Up All Night, and many others, kids steal the spotlight and grab your attention.

Who do you think is the cutest kid on TV?

If I had to choose, I’d choose the kid who played Logan on One Tree Hill this past season. Seriously, he was adorable. And the way that he said “Mom” to Quinn in the last episode? Yep, melted.

So he gets my vote. What’s yours?

In other news, Raked is going to be a little quiet for the next few days, but bear with us. We’ll be back! And with a vengeance (or at least with more reviews).


4 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Cutest Kids on TV

  1. Clearly the cutest child (formerly) on TV would have to be Baby Sinclair, right? I mean, he’s the baby. Gotta love him.

  2. I think Amy from Up All NIght is adorable! I don’t know why this question made me think of kids that aren’t that cute…and immediately I thought of Lily from Modern Family and the son from Smash. Haha

  3. @CS, haha. Love that.

    @KM, can you consider the son from Smash a kid? Isn’t he, like, old? But he is annoying. And the new Lily is AWFUL. The old Lily was a definite contender for cutest kid, but the new Lily? GO AWAY. (Is it mean to tell a child to go away?)

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