Mad Men: Fever Dream

MAD MEN: 5.04 “Mystery Date”

Does anyone else want to holler a big “WTF?!” after last night’s episode? I mean, what the hell was that?

Ok, well, I am taking a stand and saying that Don’s murderous incident was a dream. I think that’s a fair assessment, what with there not being a body peeking out from underneath the bed when he woke up the next morning, and Megan said she came straight home the night before. If Megan was home, there was no opportunity for Don to have sex with his former lady friend, let alone kill her and stuff her under the bed.

But what was that about? Why were we seeing it? If you didn’t think Don was a new man at the start of the season, I guess you can see it now. He’ll do anything — in a dream or otherwise — to be a husband to Megan. Even if it’s just telling her that she doesn’t need to worry about him.

Meanwhile, in another Draper household (ok, well, I guess it’s not technically “Draper” anymore), we had Sally and her babysitter, discussing other murderous rampages. Sally refused to believe she was too young to find out the real truth behind the news, but in the end, she was left drugged and cowering under a chair, guarded by butcher-knife-bearing woman.

It was an interesting scene, mainly because it felt so far away from the rest of the world. We rarely get Sally on her own. Even when she was befriending creepy Glen, the scenes ended up with Sally interacting with her mother. In fact, any point where Sally has been on her own — even drinking from her father’s stash — was eventually leading to some interaction with one parent or another. This one was not. Sally’s growing up and learning new things about the world. And it isn’t pretty.

Meanwhile, in the world of advertising, we’re now pitching nylons. Newcomer Michael seems to think he’s doing a fabulous job, and really, you can’t say he isn’t. Somehow, he got one company to accept two pitches in one meeting, though one was not approved by Don and clearly crossed a line. Michael clearly didn’t see Don’s threat of firing as a real possibility. What was going through his head, well, no one really knows. Was it that he really just wanted credit for the pitch? Or is he just an idiot?

In other news, I love that Ben Feldman’s been added to the crew. I’ve been a fan since Drop Dead Diva, and since he clearly has no clue how to act in the company, it’s been quite refreshing to watch.

Finally, we’ve got Peggy. Peggy was FANTASTIC in this episode. I loved her negotiations with Sterling, after he realized he never actually asked wonderkid Michael to work on the Mohawk account. Somehow, Peggy finagled $410 from Sterling — $10 for the pitch, $400 for the secret — and was smug and confident in the process. Seriously, that scene should be immortalized somewhere, you know, other than on an eventual DVD.

I had to give Peggy props for befriending Don’s new assistant Dawn, and it was quite unfortunate to see a drunk Peggy drop her perfect good-nature as she left her purse with the cash on the coffee table, right next to where Dawn was going to sleep. Even in the best of circumstances, the times are the times, and even Peggy fell to racism. She might be more flexible than the rest of the agency, but she’s still got a lot of room to grow.

Nonetheless, it was an entertaining — if not madly confusing and horrifying — episode. What did you think?


2 thoughts on “Mad Men: Fever Dream

  1. That dream sequence was so weird. I didn’t catch on that it was a dream at first, so it sort of didn’t work for me. But clearly, Don’s still struggling with that part of him that drives him to cheat. I’m not totally sure he’s turned over a new leaf.

    By the way, did you notice that Sally’s grandma gave her part of a pill to put her to sleep? Between that and sneaking sips of her father’s drinks, I have a feeling that she might have a bad relationship to drugs lurking in her future at some point.

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