One Tree Hill: Remembering the Moments (Before the Good-Bye!)

Wow. I can’t believe it. It’s the end of an era. Am I allowed to say that? As one of the last people who watch One Tree Hill, it’s rather weird to say it’s the end of an era, but after nine seasons and fourteen years (don’t forget the five-year leap, y’all, one of the few that actually was successful).

I mean, we’ve seen these kids — really, high school kids — grow up before our eyes. Out of all of the people who started the show, they all are now parents, contributing their own cadre of OTHers into the mix. Crazy.

I sent out a tweet asking for some favorite One Tree Hill memories, but apparently I’m late to the party. There’s been a rather active fanbase already sharing their favorites, but I did have a couple people shout out some of theirs.

Whether it’s sentimental, sexy, scandalous, or scary, One Tree Hill has has some fantastic moments. Here are a few of the memories I want you to remember before we move on to the final two episodes of the series! And don’t forget to check out this excellent slideshow of OTH‘s OMG moments!

Brooke Breakdown: This moment was suggested by Tweep Sh-Nay-Ah, and while it might be only one scene in one episode, it encompasses all of Brooke’s fantastic mental breakdowns. I’m not talking crying or sadness. I’m talking straight-out bitchy Brooke, always in the best style.

The Limo:You know this is one of my favorites. I’ve used it over and over on the site as representative of the craziness that is OTH. After Nathan and Haley’s wedding (again), a drunk Rachel steals the limo, causing an accident that makes it sail over the bridge. Nathan jumps in after it, leaving a screaming bride on the side of the road.

Nathan and Haley in the Rain: But who wants to just remember the hard times? What about when Nathan and Haley final got together in the raid, with the ever famous Gavin DeGraw song in the background. This scene held so much nostalgia for fans, that they even voted the song as Nathan and Haley’s wedding song, if I recall.

Gavin and Jamie: Speaking of Gavin DeGraw, how about this super cute scene where Gavin sings with the kid who plays Jamie? This wasn’t really even part of an episode, just part of the episode opener, but my heart melts. Really. Love it.

Dan Need a New Heart: Because if it’s not one thing it’s another. Dan (who looks perfectly healthy) needs a heart transplant. And a dog, well, he needs lunch. Tweep Raked_JC (ok, also writer JC) voted this one in.

Nanny Carrie and the Cornfield:
It would be one thing to just have her kidnap Dan…and Jamie. But the finale for Nanny Carrie ends with her chasing Haley and Jamie through a cornfield Stephen King-style, all to end with a bottle in the face and a gunshot. Man, OTH made some great episodes.

Nick Lachey: “Stay out of it, Nick Lachey!” It might have been a catchphrase for The Soup, but there was something absolutely entertaining about having his guest appearance. Watch his lovely performance.

The School Shooting: Tweep Sh-Nay-Ah suggested this Peyton/Lucas scene, but the entire episode deserves a moment. The episode was packed to the gills with anxiety and emotion, even leaving a safe Brooke crying alone in the school gymnasium. If Peyton’s being shot and the gunman — an old friend of Mouth and Lucas’ — wasn’t enough, we had Keith’s own murder, which dictated events for the rest of the series.

Well, if you’re already crying, let’s move on to Quentin. Quentin wasn’t in the show long, but his presence was certainly felt. If you want to see Jamie Scott grow up in one scene, here you go.

Julian Finally Proposes: Ok, so I had to get Julian in here somehow, and while the wedding was wonderful, somehow this scene sticks out more. So pretty, in the snow, and it was just what everyone’s been waiting for!

Dancing to the Spice Girls: But let’s move on to the happy! This started out as a show about high school, did it not? How about that moment at the end of the high school years, when the girls get together. Come on, this epitomizes every girl best friend moment in history. The girls dance to “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls. (And yes, I’ve entirely done this with my friends. And at one point, I learned this dance.)

More Dances: How about this? And this? Maybe this? Yes, me loves.

Anything Skills: I have no clips for this, but damn, is he funny. Especially when he’s doing all he can to make sure a wedding goes on without a hitch. Or Jamie doesn’t get stolen…again.

The Championship: There’s so much more I want to include! But this post, just like One Tree Hill, has to end sometime. So here’s the last happy moment I’d like to share with you (recommended by Tweep Sh-Nay-Ah again): The Ravens win the championship, and Lucas finally chooses Peyton.

Ok, so what did I miss? I’m ashamed to see that Clay and Quinn are missing, as are Brooke’s parents, Karen, and Deb, but there’s only so much I can say in a short post! Tell me what other scenes are you favorites!

So long, One Tree Hill. At least by this blogger, you’ll be missed!


6 thoughts on “One Tree Hill: Remembering the Moments (Before the Good-Bye!)

  1. That “dog eating the heart” bit has me convinced that this is actually a farcical comedy in disguise as a drama.

  2. How did everyone forget Nathan’s “car accident”? One of my all-time fav OTH moments. Nathan was so upset over Haley leaving him to chase after her singing dreams that he crashes his car on the NASCAR racetrack. Now that I think about it, that whole season Nathan’s storyline was awesome. He regressed into the Nathan we knew at the beginning of the first season: he stopped shaving, started drinking in school, slacking off with his school work, was an ass to everyone. And all because his heart was broken.
    As someone who has been watching since the first episode I can already say that I’m going to shed a few tears tonight. The show lost its way for a while there but has certainly redeemed itself in the last couple of seasons. It is the end of an era.

  3. I can’t say that “everyone” forgot it. I started soliciting suggestions a little late in the game, but that EW slideshow did mention it.

    I, however, did forget it. I’m a little rusty on the early seasons, even though I’ve been watching since the start. After all, it’s been nine years! But you’re right, that was a rather big moment. And I’m glad you brought up Haley’s singing dreams and the whole season she was on tour. I was trying to think of SOME moment during that period, but I was running dry because of my rustiness and bad memory. I also liked Chris Keller from this season. He was humorous.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Just wanted to share a tweet from a fellow OTH fan:

    @RakedReviews I think summing up our feelings in a blurb or tweet would never do the show justice. It has been both an escape, and a influence in most of our lives. So to say goodbye to #OTH now is like saying goodbye to an old friend. A friend who has been with us through tears of joy and of sorrow. A soulmate who has found ways to help us through tough times, and to lift us up to the highest heights. A multitude of feelings come to mind, so many wonderful scenes, and moments cannot be whittled down to just one feeling, or expression. One Tree Hill has touched us all, no matter who we shipped, or where we loved…the feeling is the same, Love. Love for the show, the actors, the writers, and the characters. We all took a piece of the show with us in our hearts, and whether it is 9 years, or 100 years later we won’t forget the moments and the show that shaped us. So tonight we say goodbye to our old friend, but they will never truly leave us. As Luke brought us into his world, I leave with a quote he expressed to us by Camus it fits for all fans “Blessed are the hearts that can bend, for they shall never be broken.” And our hearts will never break, because we learned to love with One Tree Hill, and that love is unending. @RealOneTreeHill

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