One Tree Hill: The Penultimate Episode

ONE TREE HILL: 9.12 “Anyone Who Had a Heart”

One of my biggest pet peeves in TV are those shows that introduce annual “traditions” and either don’t continue them (think of any festival from Gilmore Girls) or suddenly introduce them many seasons in. So to see One Tree Hill‘s burning boat festival bugged me a bit. I could be wrong (and correct me if I am), but I don’t think this has ever been introduced in the nine years we’ve been watching the show. And with all the baggage and drama of the series, you think I’d remember.

And really, that was just the starting point. I know that we’re building up to the big, two-hour finale next week (two hours!), but this episode just felt really disappointing to me. New “traditions” that were supposedly happening year after year. Suddenly happy spouses that were forever fighting and now cooperating, in business together, and well, doing it. A random search for a co-anchor on a show that we haven’t seen in eight episodes or so (and frankly, I forgot about, let alone didn’t care about). And…a missing Nathan?

You’d think that after getting Nathan back, we’d have him for more than one episode. In fact, after his father died, you’d think we’d see him a good bit. But now, he was absent from the episode, spending quality time with Jamie that we never saw. It just felt odd for the episode before the last.

Overall, the episode just felt like it was lacking substance. Brooke’s parents and their choice to work with her in the business felt a little too happy, wrapped too easily into a tidy bow. It’s nice to see that Chase will be getting Tric from Karen (I had completely forgotten that Karen owned Tric; in fact, she was quite the entrepreneur with Tric and Karen’s Cafe — a couple more buildings and she could have her own Pottersville), but I wasn’t all that invested in Chase to begin with, and it still bothers me that people say he did the “right thing” by beating Chuck’s father to a bloody pulp with a tire iron.

The only good part about the episode was seeing that Quinn and Clay are finally engaged. I was so thrilled that I was hollering at the TV during next week’s sneak preview, “Wedding episode! Wedding episode!” (I have no idea if we’ll get it, in case you’re wondering.) But beyond that, it all just felt like fluff.

I suppose I shouldn’t be too picky. You need a filler episode here, and there to get you to the place you want to end, but it is disappointing that that filler episode was so late in the season. Hopefully, next week’s episode will make up for it.


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