Raked TV Madness! The Final Four!

Can you believe we’ve gotten down to the Final Four? I can’t. And honestly, I can’t believe what shows were division champs in their categories!

Pop Pop! Community faced some of the best-ranked shows on TV right now, but the fans rallied, giving the Thursday night show the Comedy crown. Needless to say, #coolcoolcool.

Perhaps the long shot at the outset — having only been on the air for a few weeks — but the no-brainer by now, the fans of Awake kept this show going to win the title of Procedural.

Fringe may be hanging by a thread on Friday nights, but it outsmarted fan favorites like Once Upon a TimeGame of Thrones, and Supernatural. Now it’s got the title of division champ for Supernatural/Fantasy shows.

Given the large numbers in its season five premiere, it should be no surprise that Mad Men prevailed to win the Drama category, having a solid lead against Parenthood.

Now, it’s time to vote for the Final Four!
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Community vs. Awake
Fringe vs. Mad Men

It’s a fan faceoff with Awake against Community. Both are passionate groups, but who will make it to the championship? And Fringe against Mad Men — two very smart shows! Who will outsmart the other to make it to the final game?

It’s time for you to vote! Let me know your picks in the comments below, send me a tweet, or email me! And spread the word! Help your favorite shows move on!

I’ll be announcing the final matchup — the CHAMPIONSHIP — on Friday, so make your votes count and get them in fast! The winner of the tournament will be chosen on Monday!

Voting for this round is now closed.

102 thoughts on “Raked TV Madness! The Final Four!

  1. LOVE THE SHOW . The hole concept is fresh ,
    something new ,relationship between father and son and the wife and work there is so much that can be done with the show, and the secret with his boss can’t wait to find that one out.

  2. FRINGE!!! It is an amazingly smart and intriguing show! Makes one think and has a great cast! FRINGE for the win for sure! (And, a fifth season!)

  3. Fringe is by far one of the most innovative, electrifying shows currently. Not only does the plot keep you guessing week to week, but the investment into each of the characters is a commitment you don’t take lightly. I’ve been watching since day 1 & never am I disappointed.

  4. Looks like somebody’s TV madness got referenced on a Fringe website. Wow… I get the feeling Mad Men won’t be making it to the finals.

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