Smash: The Betrayal

SMASH: 1.08 “The Coup”

It was an experiment. It was a betrayal. According to the episode title, it was a coup. But what did you think?

Personally, I think that it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. Ok, yes, Derek went behind Tom and Julia’s back to produce a new song for the musical as an experiment for a new direction. But Eileen knew all about it. So really, was it really a betrayal?

To me, it felt like a lot of reaction to something that shouldn’t have been a problem. If I were Tom and Julia, yes, I’d be miffed, but I’d hope that I could see the bigger picture (maybe I wouldn’t). It was really the advertisement of secrecy that made the stunt a big deal. And all that lies in the hands of Ellis.

Uggh, Ellis. I think it’s pretty fair that no one is really the biggest fan of Ellis (if you are, please tell me why). He was continuously spreading rumors about what Derek was doing with Karen, telling Tom and Ivy as little as possible to make them suspicious. And then he showed up and took control of the room after all hell broke loose, basically making him seem in control (I was sure Eileen was going to fire him once he randomly showed up).

I just don’t know what his plan is. He first just loved showbiz, which is why he was with Tom in the first place. But then he just became conniving and underhanded. Now he wants to be a producer? Not if he keeps burning bridges.

What’s next forMarilyn, though? Michael’s been fired, though he claims he would have quit anyway because of his family (which he was conveniently forgetting about while stalking Julia for the last couple episodes). Ivy’s been demoted to ensemble. That should be interesting, given her encounters with Karen in the past. But otherwise, it sure looks like we’re flying blind.

A few other things:

  • I’m caring little about Julia’s family business and her son’s wrongdoings. Plus, if Julia spoke out like that, how did they eventually get him off?
  • “Touch Me” didn’t thrill me. In fact, the only part that I liked about it was that she ended up dead on the bed in the final note, which was the only part that made me connect it with Marilyn. I know it’s supposed to point the show toward more Rock of Ages than Bye Bye Birdie, but it was just too poppy for me. (Though it is damn catchy and is still in my head.)
  • And down with the bowling alley scene! That was just way too Glee for me. And I think they only did it to have them dance down the alley (see photo below). I’m pretty sure any bowling alley attendee would have kicked their asses out.

That’s all I’ve got. What about you?


2 thoughts on “Smash: The Betrayal

  1. On its face, nothing at all about this show should appeal to me, yet for some reason I seem to like it on in the background. Why is that?

  2. Yeah, I wasn’t a fan of the bowling scene either. It was completely unnecessary. And I cannot stand Ellis! He is so sneaky and conniving. I want him to get hit by a bus. I am curious to see where Marilyn goes now that they are looking for a star. I don’t think we’ve seen the end of Michael either.

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