Mad Men: A Little Kiss

MAD MEN: 5.01 + 5.02 “A Little Kiss”

Mad Men returned last night, and this year at Raked, we’re going to review it; or, talk about it in our rambling, long winded way.

I think one of the most interesting things about this long episode (or two episodes if you want to get technical) is the view we get of Don. The legendary Don Draper seems, for once, completely uninterested in work. He comes in late, his calendar is clear, he’s got no problem leaving the office early, and worst of all, he folds to a client. Last season, his personal life may have been a wreck, but at least he seemed like he had some bit of professional mojo. So far this year, it seems like he doesn’t care.

His marriage with Megan is in an odd place as well. The surprise party, and Megan’s song and dance routine confirm to me that both these people still really don’t know who the other one is. Megan can’t understand why Don didn’t like the party, and Don can’t understand why Megan would violate their home by bringing all these work people into their personal space. If Megan doesn’t fully understand Don, though, she at least knows how to manipulate him in a way to provoke a response, as her attempt to “clean the apartment” in her underwear led to a more amorous encounter on the Draper’s infamous white carpet. There have been a lot of versions of Don Draper in this show, and I don’t think that we’ve seen this variation yet. I’m curious to see how long it will last.

The episode ended in a really interesting way, when the office was crowded by black job seekers attracted by the prank ad Roger published in the New York Times. The pace of change has been speeding up, and although the folks at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce might not realize it yet, it’s going to catch up with them eventually.

A couple of other thoughts:

  • Funny how embarrassed Don was by Megan’s provocative dance in front of his co-workers. Apparently, his promiscuity does not imply sexual liberation; for him, it must happen behind closed doors only.
  • Not exactly sure what was going on with Pryce here, but man was he acting creepy. He’s going to start stealing people’s underwear next.
  • Some good physical comedy centered around Pete in this episode. Tripping into the support column in his office and busting his nose made me laugh out loud. Forcing the four partners to scrunch in together on his small couch was almost as funny.
  • We’re relatively new to Mad Men here at Raked. We only just caught up with the series on Netflix last year. We’re starting to realize, though, that this show has moments of singular weirdness that are perfectly captured in one of the internet’s most brilliant mediums: the animated GIF. Presented with some comment, here are a few of my favorites, from Gifulmination:

Lane Pryce, cutting a rug.

Roger being "coquettish"

Goddamn that support column!



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