Once Upon a Time: Snow Dark

ONCE UPON A TIME:1.16 “Heart of Darkness”

KT is heading into the woods.

Is it just me, or did adding a little more darkness to Snow White make her twice as interesting?

To be fair, disclaimer #1 here is that I missed the first couple months of the show, so I’m not operating with all the information, and disclaimer #2 is that “yes, it’s cheating, but it’s twu wuv, so it’s really okay!” plotlines just leave me cold.  So up to now, Snow White and Mary Margaret just haven’t been much of a draw for me.

And it’s not that I think she actually killed Kathryn — I’m pretty confident that Regina is setting her up — it’s the way she’s reacting to the accusations.  Especially toward the end of the episode, her demeanor has changed and we’re starting to see a gritty determination from her that I think will take this character to some interesting places.

I was very surprised when Emma announced that DNA testing revealed the heart to really be Kathryn’s. The metaphor is apt — here’s the literal heart of a woman who had her figurative heart broken by her unfaithful husband — but I really expected it to be an animal heart (like the one the huntsman takes back to the Queen in place of Snow White’s in the original tale).

I’ve been increasingly drawn into this show lately. I really liked the twist they put on Little Red Riding Hood, and I’m eager to find out more about how Regina came to have Beauty committed as a mental patient.

The March Madness brackets Raked has put together suggest we’ve got more than a few Once Upon a Time fans here.  What do you guys think about Mary Margaret behind bars — and what do you think she’ll do now that she’s escaped?!


4 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time: Snow Dark

  1. I actually thought we were going to find out the heart belonged to the Huntsman — er, the previous sheriff. It’s much more complicated knowing that it’s Kathryn. I agree: Regina HAS to have something to do with it, but clearly, no one will be able to prove it. I also like that they’ve made Snow dark (by the way, Grumpy steals the show with every scene he’s in) because it counters the usual assumption about fairy tales, that they’re all good or bad. But I do think it was stupid of Mary Margaret to leave the jail. Talk about making yourself look guilty!

  2. I really enjoyed this episode! I think Regina is definitely the one behind the set up. If you remember from the Huntsman episode, Regina has (what I believe to be) everyone’s hearts locked up in the graveyard. The huntsman died because he no longer followed her orders and she squeezed his heart until he died. So I think that is Kathryn’s heart, but I think she may still be alive.

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