Raked TV Madness! Round 2: The Dramas

Round 2 is nearing the end, now that the Comedies, Procedurals, and Supernatural/Fantasy shows are up for voting. Now it’s time for the last addition of Round 2: the Dramas.

I’m saddened to say that One Tree Hill was taken down by the newest star to hit the spotlight Smash. A sea of Bravermans made Parenthood victor over The Good Wife, and Private Practice paled in comparison to the overwhelming zeal for Downton AbbeyHouse had strong competition in Switched at Birth, but snark stepped on switches and House moves on.

Raise a glass for Boardwalk Empire, which has a unanimous win over Secret Life of the American Teenager (thank God!). Mad Men made the lasting impression in this tournament, overtaking HomelandRevenge had a little competition with the long-standing Grey’s Anatomy, showing the ABC alum who’s really boss in primetime. The real surprise here was the win of bubble show Pan Am, which won against Desperate Housewives by a mere one vote.

Now for the next round…

Will the Bravermans take center stage, or will Ivy pull the curtain on this band of misfits? Will Downton Abbey blow the House down? Can the iconic girls of Pan Am last a round against the dangerous characters in Boardwalk Empire? And it’s a battle of the past lives between Don Draper and Emily Thorne; who will be exposed?

Vote now! Leave a comment, tweet me, or email me! You have until Thursday night to decide! Friday, I’ll be announcing the Sweet Sixteen!


7 thoughts on “Raked TV Madness! Round 2: The Dramas

  1. Smash and Revenge (that was a tough call!). Revenge over MM, mainly bc Revenge is just fun to watch. MM is more like a great movie, but doesn’t have that soapy factor that Revenge does so well.

  2. Parenthood over Smash, Downton Abbey over House, Mad Men over Revenge, Boardwalk Empire over Pan Am.

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