Raked TV Madness! Round 2: Supernatural/Fantasy

Round 2 is moving along (take a look at the Comedies and Procedurals), with fans from a number of favorite series stepping up to make sure their show makes it to the Sweet Sixteen. Now it’s time for the Supernatural/Fantasy shows!

Well, the demons did take down the dinosaurs, leaving Supernatural to move on to the next round. With no real surprise given its large reaction by viewers, American Horror Story killed off Alphas. Meanwhile, Vampire Diaries was a unanimous win against The Secret Circle, and in a surprisingly close battle, Once Upon a Time won against Merlin.

True Blood took out The River pretty easily, and in fact, the only vampire that didn’t make it to the next round was Aiden, who was decapitated by Ned Stark of Game of Thrones. Fringe had a strong win in the Friday night battle. Finally, undead walkers lead the charge against Falling Skies, giving Walking Dead the victory.

But who will move on?

American Horror Story is full of the supernatural; will the Winchester brothers be able to conquer these foes? Can the cadre of supernatural beasts and magical powers of Once Upon a Time combat the Salvatores and witches in Vampire Diaries? Even the Observers don’t know who will win the cult battle that is Game of Thrones versus Fringe. And it’s undead versus undead in the Walking Dead/True Blood matchup.

Cast your vote in the comments, tweet me, or send me an email. And check back later tonight when I’ll announce who moves on in the Dramas — all for the reveal of the Sweet Sixteen on Friday!


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