Raked TV Madness! Round 2: The Procedurals

I posted the second round of Comedies yesterday, and now it’s time for the Procedurals! There’s a reason these people are cops and detectives. They’re tough cookies. But the fans have spoken, and we have the survivors for the next round!

It was a brutal battle between SVU and Unforgettable, coming up with a tie. But with tie-breaker power in my hands (muah-ah-ah-ah), one award-winning leading lady overpowered the newcomer. Castle and Bones easily took out their competition with unanimous votes (I’m just waiting for that potential matchup). And the quirky camaraderie of NCIS stepped on family ties by beating Blue Bloods.

Meanwhile, Justified just squeaked by The Closer to take the round. Alcatraz and Southland both had easy (though not unanimous) wins over their rivals. And the Awake fans rallied to push that newbie on to the next round.

Now it’s time for more.

It’s time for Castle to show SVU who’s the king of this tournament. Can Brennan’s scientific analysis outsmart Abby’s wit in the Bones/NCIS matchup? Will Justified shut the doors forever on Alcatraz? And can Southland’s viral fanbase combat two realities’ worth of Awake fans?

Who do you think should move on? Cast your votes in the comments, drop me a tweet, or send me an email. And check back tomorrow, when I’ll announce who’s moving on in both Supernatural/Fantasy and Dramas.

We’re getting closer to the Sweet Sixteen!


13 thoughts on “Raked TV Madness! Round 2: The Procedurals

  1. -Mal… I mean Castle for the win!
    -Bones, for the other Whedon related win.
    -Justified, i have no idea what Alcatraz is doing.
    -I do not watch either, but Awake looks interesting.

  2. AWAKE!! Totally an awesome series~very gripping~well written, directed & has JASON ISAACS!!

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