HIMYM: Et Tu Brote?

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 7.19 “The Broath”

Oh, where do I start with this episode? It wasn’t…bad. But it wasn’t my favorite either.

It’s not that I wanted Quinn to be a psychopath. But I did feel that this was a disappointing use of the prank storyline. Clearly, Barney and Quinn are progressing along in a relationship — heck, they’re even making us wonder if she’s the one he’s going to marry in that still-mysterious wedding we’ve been teased with that last moment where she said she might give up stripping for marriage. I wouldn’t have minded actually seeing them progress then, not trick the group.

That’s not to say it wasn’t entertaining. Seeing how they each reacted to her stripping and her swindling money from Barney, plus the controlling behavior at dinner, was really great. I just wish it had been real.

It just feels like an overused element, one that was wasted here. But perhaps that’s just me.

As for the Broath, well, that was moderately funny. I could entirely see Barney expecting Ted to take a Broath (in fact, I’m surprised that he hasn’t already in the past), and it was my own darn fault for not finding this as funny as it was. Why is it my own fault? Well, because I saw pictures of the team in robes and even Barney’s Caesar impression weeks ago on a fellow blog. To me, that ruined the surprise and the entertainment value. But perhaps if i hadn’t been so antsy to see new episodes again, it would have been different. Note to commenters: Tell me what you thought. Funny or not?

Meanwhile, the fallout between Robin and Ted is still very present. While they may have gotten over their issues with the apartment and claimed to be friends, Ted himself said he wouldn’t see her again for weeks. Could that be the mystery wedding? Is she there to stop it? Or star in it? Either way, there’s still that feeling that Robin breaks up the group, which was hinted at near the end of the season opener. Is this tension between Robin and Ted what he was talking about?

Either way, just the fact that I’m asking these questions and wanting to know more tells me that the episode did have its merit. In fact, the next few episodes could be interesting. [Ahem: Qinnteresting.]

By the way, if you weren’t entertained by the meta moment with Ted telling the story to young Ted, Lily, and Marshall’s doppelgangers, I really suggest you watch the final few seconds again. Who says the showrunners can’t take a little criticism from time to time?


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