The Walking Dead: Beside the Dying Fire

THE WALKING DEAD: 2.13 “Beside the Dying Fire”

I have been very down on this show recently, but the finale of season 2 was rather encouraging. Two mostly nameless, faceless characters (Otis’s wife and the boyfriend of one of Herschel’s daughters… I think) were the only deaths, which is kind of unfortunate because that means Lori is still around. But despite that, most of the episode was tons of zombie killing as a migratory wave of walkers flooded the previously idyllic farm and send out survivors running for their lives. I was hoping that the writers might keep a few groups of survivors separate from each other for a while, in the hopes of exploring some of the lesser known characters (like T-Dogg and Carol) but after the attack, everyone but Andrea manages to meet up again. We see that Rick is buckling under the strain of leadership, and I thought it was really interesting to see him scream his justification at killing Shane towards the group, and then declare his benign dictatorship over them. Some people in the group are already doubting his abilities, so I’m sure the fault lines and fractures will start showing soon. It was exciting to see a new setting hinted at, with the looming, hulking prison that seemed to lay just beyond our survivors camp. Now liberated from the confines of the farm, I’m hoping that things for next season manage to stay a little more exciting. This finale was a good step in that direction.

A few more thoughts:

  • Boy do I hate Lori. After what happened to Sophia, how could she let Carl out of her sight for even a second? And later, when Rick explained that he had to kill Shane, she pulled away from him like he was a monster, despite the fact that she had been warning Rick how dangerous Shane was only a few days before. I desperately want her to become zombie food because she’s so annoying. I think it’d be interesting if she were gone, and Rick became responsible for raising Carl instead, something that he seems not too well suited for. But I doubt the writers would kill off the pregnant woman.
  • The cloaked, samurai sword wielding figure that saved Andrea might have been the coolest sight in the whole series so far. The figure had two armless zombies chained behind it. I don’t know who this person is, or what would motivate it to chain to zombies to itself, but I want to know more.

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