Raked TV Madness! Round 2: The Comedies

We’re starting Round 2 of Raked TV Madness! The tension is killing me.

First up, the Comedies. If you thought Round 1 was a battle, take a look at Round 2. I tallied the votes, and the fans have spoken.

The Simpsons barely squeaked by newcomer Suburgatory, while Modern Family stomped Glee with 88% of the votes. There were tough fights between the TV alums How I Met Your Mother and The Office, as they fought it out against Happy Endings and Up All Night, respectively, but in a surprise turn of events, both newbies are moving on to the next round.

Big Bang Theory won easily over Cougar Town, and Whitney just barely surpassed Michigan Two and a Half Men with 57% of the vote. New Girl was the surprise but resounding win over Family Guy, but there was a unanimous — you heard me, UNANIMOUS — vote to let Community move on past its quite funny opponent, Parks and Rec.

Now it’s on to the next round.

It’s long-time cartoon madness over unconventional family dynamics in the matchup between The Simpsons and Modern Family. Which family will move on for a chance for fame? Meanwhile, second-season favorite Happy Endings is taking on Up All Night in a fresh comedy faceoff. Big Bang could bring the hammer down on Whitney, but that would pit the winner against whoever wins between Community and New Girl, which is already a tough one to pick!

Tell me now in the comments who you want to move on to the next round (or just email me or tweet me). Then check back tomorrow to see who’s moving on in the Procedurals!


11 thoughts on “Raked TV Madness! Round 2: The Comedies

  1. Modern Family over the SImpsons. Happy Endings over Up All Night. Big Bang over Whitney (die you fun vampire!). Community over New Girl, sadly.

  2. Modern Family
    Up All Night
    and New Girl – that wa sa hard one! I love Community, but New Girl has proved to be dependably laugh out loud each week.

  3. -Madern Family, im suprised Simpsons is still on and relevant
    -Happy endings is one of my new favorite shows
    -Big Bang, the nerd show to rule them all
    -This last one is REALLY tough. I love new girl, three straight men playing against the quirky works well, but in the narrowest margin so far, Community wins as it has broken stars like Alison Brie, Danny Pudi, Donald Glover, and of course Joel McHale out from the soup.

  4. And in a hilarious turn of events, Michigan actually did lose in the tournementin an upset, the day after your bracket predicted it.

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