Army Wives: A Looming Sense of Discomfort

ARMY WIVES: 6.04 “Learning Curve”

Well, now that Pamela’s gone, we’re back to focusing on the remaining four: Claudia Joy, Roxy, Denise, and Roland. After the last few episodes, this one was rather slow — no one was being thrown from windows, running from an exploding car, or considering leaving a TV show. But that’s not to say there wasn’t a lot of tension in the air (or in some stomachs).

Roxy’s plot was by far the most entertaining, as she accidentally gave food poisoning to Trevor’s entire platoon. Like Roxy, I was appalled to see that Trevor expected her to throw a party on such short notice, and until the macaroni salad took every man down, it looked like it was a resounding success. And while she did look rather cowardly while she was bringing a welcome basket to Giselle (I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’m spelling that one right), she still had the balls to show up there, so in the end, everything ended up ok.

On the other hand, it looks like things aren’t quite ok with Claudia Joy and newcomer Jackie, who is clearly putting a stake down at the base. It looks like Claudia Joy will have to fight fire with fire (at least, that’s what Susan Lucci told her). It’s interesting to see that there’s a wifely competition, even though the promotions are really for their husbands, but I’m curious to see where this goes. Honestly, I’ve been rather bored with Claudia Joy in the last season or so (ever since they hit empty nest syndrome, really), so anything that makes her more relevant to the series, I’m a fan of.

The worst part in this will be how the fallout will be between Denise and Claudia Joy, since clearly Denise has a pleasant history with Jackie. I guess we’ll see.

Finally, Roland is now handing out psychological help to the kids at the center. I love seeing Roland at work, but the center’s leading lady is currently grinding my nerves. I somehow don’t see this going anywhere positive, especially since Joan already does’t like her. And while Joan still irritates me and seems to never give Roland the time of day, I don’t want some eventual sexual tension between him and another lady. I just really hope the show doesn’t try to go down that cliche path.

Anyway, this episode felt more like we were moving the plot forward than offering real entertainment, so I guess that’s all I can really expect from it. Next week, it looks like things heat up, so I guess we’ll have to see where it goes!


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