Raked TV Madness – Supernatural/Fantasy (Round 1, Part 2)

Here’s the second set of Supernatural/Fantasy shows in round 1! If you haven’t already, vote for the first set, and then hop back and look at the Comedies (here and here) and the Procedurals (here and here). Now for the Supernatural/Fantasy shows.

It’s an end-of-the-world faceoff with The Walking Dead and Falling Skies. Which group of survivors will survive this match? And will The River run red with True Blood‘s blood? Heads may roll between Being Human and Game of Thrones, but who will the winner be in the Friday night fight between Grimm and Fringe?

Vote now in the comments, or tell me your picks via email! And come back here tomorrow to finish the round by voting for the Dramas! 

Voting for this round is now closed. Be sure to cast your vote for Round 2!


8 thoughts on “Raked TV Madness – Supernatural/Fantasy (Round 1, Part 2)

  1. Game of Thrones decapitates Being Human. Fringe exiles Grimm to an alternate universe. Aliens of Falling Skies vaporize the zombies of Walking Dead. The River beats True Blood.

  2. -Game of thrones!! The north remembers!
    -Fringe, even though ive never seen one episode
    -The Walking Dead to win the entire tourney!!
    -Ive never seen either, so True Blood? I hear its just softcore porn at this point.

  3. Game of Thrones!!!!!
    Grimm (this series has really grown on me)
    The Walking Dead
    True Blood

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