Raked TV Madness – Supernatural/Fantasy (Round 1, Part 1)

And we’re on to the next set. If you haven’t already, go ahead and vote for the Comedies (here and here) and the Procedurals (here and here). Now for the Supernatural/Fantasy shows.

A little disclaimer here: This section contains anything that might fit in the sci-fi, fantasy, or supernatural genre. Basically, anything mystical, futuristic, scientific, ghostly-ific, or an act of god may lie on the list below.

It’s cantankerous carnivores against ballsy brothers in the Terra Nova/Supernatural matchup. Who will survive? And will Alpha superpowers outsmart the specters of American Horror Story? Once upon a time, Merlin was the most powerful wizard in the world, but can his magic match the Wicked Queen’s? And will The Vampire Diaries take a bite out of The Secret Circle?

Only you can decide! Vote in the comments below, or drop me an email with your picks! And check back later today for the rest of the Supernatural/Fantasy series!

Voting for this round is now closed. Be sure to cast your vote for Round 2!


7 thoughts on “Raked TV Madness – Supernatural/Fantasy (Round 1, Part 1)

  1. Supernatural, Alphas, Vampire Diaries, Merlin.

    I have been watching Once Upon a Time, and it’s not bad, but I feel it’s also not… great. And while Merlin has made its share of missteps and awkward episodes, I find it a lot more charming. None of the characters in Once have really won me over in the way that Merlin’s have.

  2. Demons beat Dinorsaurs, so Supernatural over Terra Nova. American Horror Story over Alphas; their superpowers can’t save them here. Vampire Diaries over Secret Circle. Merlin over Once Upon a Time.

  3. supernatural, american horror story, vampire diaries, once upon a time. woo hoo!

  4. -The winchester bros take it, Supernatural
    -Alphas lives in the same universe as Eureka, Warehouse 13, and Stargate. Thats enough for me.
    -I have no idea, Vamps?
    -Once Upon a Time rules my sundays!

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