Raked TV Madness!

UPDATE: Scroll to the bottom of this post for direct links to where you can vote!


So, I guess tonight starts some games having to do with March Madness? Ok, so for all you sports-watching folk, that’s pretty obvious. But for me, who is more obsessed with the fictional former NBA star on One Tree Hill than the actual games, it means little.

But we TV watchers can have some fun, too, right? Of course! We’ll have a little bracket of our own, just without the sweat, basketball shorts, and the ball. But it’s all dependent on you to vote!

The Bracket
(click for larger image)

JC and I have wracked our brains to figure out some of the most popular shows on TV right now, and we’ve come up with this bracket. We limited our list to shows current to this season — ones that premiered in the fall, will be returning soon (Mad Men!), and everything in between. You’ll even notice a few shows that may not have made the renewal cut, but they had enough prominence to make it on the bracket (sorry, Terry Nova, but at least you’re in the running here, if not at FOX).

As you can see, we’ve got four “divisions”: Comedy, Drama, Procedurals, and Supernatural/Fantasy. [A quick disclaimer: Of course, some shows are going to straddle a few lines (coughcoughAlcatrazcoughcough), so we tried to pick the one that was most appropriate. We can’t guarantee we made the right choice every time.]

Then, the shows were ranked. How did we rank them? Well, this credit goes out to reader CS, who had a wonderful idea of ranking by number of seasons the show has had. This means the longer a show has been on the air, the higher it is in the rankings. Newcomers, like our New Girl, come near the bottom. What about those with the same number of seasons? Well, they were then ranked by how many episodes they’ve had so far this season. That means we’ve got our “teams,” we’ve got divisions. And now, we’ve got them ranked.

Beyond that, it’s NCAA rules. Shows face off by pitting some of the best with the worst and the middles with the middles. And now, we get to see how they perform.

Here’s Where You Come In

Throughout the next week, I’ll be posting the teams that are facing off against each other in the first round, and I need you to vote. Come back and check out who’s duking it out. I’ll be posting no more than four “games” per post, so especially in this early round, be sure to check back and vote in the comments who you want to win. There may be a tie or two, in which case, I’ll get to be tie breaker. (Hey, I don’t get to vote at all through this thing. Let me have a little fun.)

So don’t forget to check back and vote! The first few matchups will be up later today!

Who will be Raked Champion?

Round 2

The Comedies
The Procedurals
The Dramas

Round 1

The Comedies (Round 1, Part 1)
The Comedies (Round 1, Part 2)
The Procedurals (Round 1, Part 1)
The Procedurals (Round 1, Part 2)
Supernatural/Fantasy (Round 1, Part 1)
Supernatural/Fantasy (Round 1, Part 2)
The Dramas (Round 1, Part 1)
The Dramas (Round 1, Part 2)


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