Raked TV Madness – The Comedies (Round 1, Part 2)

Let’s finish off the first round of comedies (see Part 1 here)! Here are the matchups!

It’s getting harder. Big Bang Theory has always been a leader in comedy, but Cougar Town keeps hanging on. Which is your favorite? And can you choose between the tasteless Two and a Half Men and the weakling Whitney? Can one Family Guy beat out our brand-New Girl? And are Parks the only sense Community you need?

It’s a toughie. Let me know your picks in the comments, or just drop me an email! Then, keep an eye out tomorrow, when we’ll be moving on to the pugnacious procedurals!


Voting is now closed for this round. But don’t forget to vote for Round 2!


6 thoughts on “Raked TV Madness – The Comedies (Round 1, Part 2)

  1. Cougar Town savages Big Bang. Not so tragic waterskiing accident wipes out both Whitney and Two and a Half Men (Do I really have to pick? Okay… Whitney for the upset). Community wins over Parks and Rec in the battle of publicly funded local institutions. Family Guy sinks under the weight of all its pop culture references, leaving New Girl victorious.

  2. -Big Bang, is cougar town still a show?
    -Whitney, this one is basically “I hate Michigan so I will root for any other team that plays them.” In this analogy, 2.5 Men = Michigan.
    -Grrrr, dont make me choose. I will go for Community, because who doesnt want to root for the underdog. Also, Inspector Spacetime!
    -Family guys great, but has lost some steam. New Girl for the upset!

  3. Big Bang all the way, yo.
    Likewise, the team playing Michigan. Er, I mean, Whitney.
    Out of two shows I haven’t been watching, let’s go with the one that has at least gotten me to put the first season on Netflix (I know, I’m slow): Community.
    And Family Guy annoys me more than it amuses me anymore, plus Zoey Deschanel is adorable, so let’s go with New Girl.

  4. My votes:

    Cougar over Big Bang. Big Bang is consistently good, but never really great. While I’ve rarely watched Cougar Town, I have seen one episode that was incredibly Scrubs-ish and much funnier than any single episode I’ve seen of Big Bang Theory. So whether it’s consistently that clever or not, I choose Cougar for the upset.

    2 and a Half Men over Whitney. A horrible battle with no real winner, but Men takes it based only on the fact that it’s first season was funny, which is more than I can say for Whitney.

    Community over Parks. No explanation needed.

    New Girl over Family Guy. I can’t stand Family Guy.

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