Community Open Thread: Your Favorite Episode

Community is back tonight. This is a good thing, because without it, NBC’s comedy lineup is a wasteland (I’m looking at you, Whitney.) The show has struggled in the ratings throughout its entire run, but so has the rest of NBC’s lineup this year. It as a small, but devoted core of followers. Perhaps these two factors, along with the news that Comedy Central will start airing reruns, means we may have some hope for another season. Until we hear one way or another, though, I’m just going to sit back and enjoy whatever’s left of this season as best as I can.

In honor of Community‘s return, I thought I’d pose a question: What’s your favorite episode? For me, it’s got to be “Contemporary American Poultry” from near the end of season one. The gang works out a mafia style plan to control the cafeteria’s supply of chicken fingers; it’s a great homage toGoodfellas, one of my favorite movies. Before this episode, I knew this show was good and unique, but this one really convinced me that it was something special.

What’s your favorite episode?

4 thoughts on “Community Open Thread: Your Favorite Episode

  1. Easily the Dungeons and Dragons episode. No other show has done more with less (and there are several bottle episodes) than Community. The point of D&D is to use your imagination as you play through. Community is the first show to get this, and did not fall into the trap of dressing the people up or placing them in a fantasy word for a D&D, it just showed the people playing and the audience had to imagine them going through the game. Awesome!

  2. That D&D episode was a great one as well. Good point about the focus on imagination; no one’s ever done it right before.

  3. Oh wow, this is hard. I love the one you referenced, solely because we had our own Chicken Finger Tuesday in college, and it hits a familiar note with me. I also like Remedial Chaos Theory (a recent winner in the best episode of a sitcom bracket). I know I’m probably going to think of another one as soon as I decide to say this, but I truly adored the first paintball episode. I think that has to be my favorite.

    Oh, oh! And the Christmas stop-motion special. That’s an annual event now.

  4. D&D was awesome, but I need to go with the first paintball ep – unexpected and perfect. Esp with Chang at the end. It just looked like a lot of fun to make. The Western paintball ep was funny as well, but a bit overhyped. The foosball ep was also good, the anime wsa a great touch.

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