Switched at Birth: Getting Away with It

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: 1.21 “The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters”

Where do I start? I don’t even know. I guess I could continue my rant against Emmett. Emmett and Simone clearly understand that they’ve done something wrong, and at least one of them is conflicted about it. Simone is just avoiding the issue, but Emmett’s struggling to figure out what he should do. Clearly, his feelings for Bay are much stronger than Simone’s for Toby, but maybe it’s just because generally we all knew Emmett was a good-hearted kid.

The dilemma of his night with Simone has overshadowed all the other issues he’s been facing. He’s back in his mother’s house, and while they still have some tension between them, he’s not as venomous, and he’s clearly forgiven Bay for her involvement, now that he’s (frankly) done worse. This all confuses Bay, but she’s going along with it, because all she wants is a happy boyfriend.

What surprises me, though, is the advice Emmett gets from his mother. She tells him that Emmett has to deal with the consequences of his actions…but does Bay? That’s what he needs to decide. Of course, I doubt she really knows that her only son is sleeping with other girls on field trips.

Emmett chooses, at least for the time being, not to tell Bay, and I can only see bad things from here. Clearly, this is going to be something that surfaces — I mean, look how sloppy they were at hiding their texts. Wilke found out very quickly through the grapevine of knowing Simone had someone in her room and by picking up the wrong phone.

Speaking of, I personally love Wilke right now. Somehow, Wilke has gone from the playboy fun guy to a standup moral citizen. He’s clearly angry at Simone for cheating on and lying to his best friend (sometimes I forget how far back they go, until he tells a story about their playing cards as kids like he did in this episode). He’s angry on behalf of his friend and Bay, and he deserved to give Simone hell for it. I wonder if he’ll be able to keep the secret himself, or if he’ll eventually decide it’s not worth it.

Either way, it’s going to come out in the open, and I can’t really see this as a forgivable offense for anyone involved. Poor Bay. And Toby. Plus, poor Toby still thinks he’s in the doghouse. Little does he know.

Meanwhile, there’s Daphne, who’s struggling with her own demons, realizing more than ever the childhood she lost when she was switched. I was actually surprised this came to light in this episode particularly; there wasn’t much setup. But I suppose as Daphne continues to see every inch of the Kennish household, she would start to wonder. But you know, I miss happy Daphne. When are we going to get her back?

As for the rest of the episode, Katherine’s still working on her book. For some reason, I care very little about her book. While I realize the reason she’s writing it is to make the real story known, countering the reporter’s book, but part of this still seems self-serving to me. Now, as for the question of John and whether he had an affair back in the day, that’s interesting. I like that we’re seeing that the Kennishes may not be perfect (I’m sure Regina could use that). That’s the part I wouldn’t mind seeing develop. The book? Eh.

Anyway, it looks like next week’s going to be a biggie. I wonder if Bay or Toby find out the truth. Somehow, I don’t think that secret will be hidden for very long.


4 thoughts on “Switched at Birth: Getting Away with It

  1. With the penultimate episode behind us, what’s your assessment of this season compared to the previous one?

  2. It’s actually funny. While ABC Family has been advertising next week’s episode as a finale, it’s really not. Last fall, the show picked up a whopping 22 new episodes, after the initial 10-episode order, which makes the first season 32 episodes total. There must be a break coming up, but all assessments of the season will have to wait until it finally ends!


    All that being said, I’ve been enjoying it, and I’m surprised it’s been as popular as it has. That being said, they’re going to run out of stuff to do with the parents rather quickly, I think, and I think fans might get a little frustrated soon if the boyfriend swapping continues. They’re becoming a little incestuous group of who has dated whom and who wants to date whom, if you count the first couple boys from when the season started.

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