Southland: Risk

SOUTHLAND: 4.09 “Risk”

I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I missed the last two episodes of one of my favorite shows on TV, and still haven’t caught up to them yet. Southland‘s a bit less serialized than many shows out there right now, though, so I didn’t have much trouble jumping back in to the daily lives of our friends in blue. As the title suggests, the idea of risk plays a big part of this episode. Tang looks like she may be promoted to Sergeant, but first she and Cooper are grilled on her accidental shooting of a young boy, which must have happened in one of the previous episodes. Both Cooper and Tang maintain that the boy’s toy gun didn’t have an orange safety cap on it, leading Tang to think it was a real weapon and consequently causing her to shoot. Since I didn’t see the episode that this happened in, I don’t know if it’s true, but Cooper looked very tense in his interview, so I can’t help but wonder if he’s taking a risk by covering for his partner.

Meanwhile, Lydia still hasn’t told anyone in the department that she’s pregnant. While trying to arrest a suspect, she gets overpowered, stabbed a few times in her protective vest, and nearly killed. Her partner arrives in time to save her, but at a doctor’s appointment later in the day, Lydia notices that one of the attacks must have gotten through her vest, because she has a puncture wound on her pregnant belly. We don’t yet know what this means for the welfare of her unborn child, but we see that Lydia takes it pretty hard. The risk of keeping her pregnancy concealed for the sake of her job may finally have become clear to her.

Finally, Ben tries to help a prostitute (who I’m assuming has made an appearance in one of the episodes I missed) get her daughter out from under the thumb of her pimp. If I’ve learned one thing from all my years of watching cop shows and movies, it’s that pimps rarely take it well when they’re source of income is being tampered with. The pimp in question rolls up to Ben and Sammy’s patrol car at a stop light and opens fire. From here, we’re treated to a great chase scene, which ends when the patrol car spins out in an intersection and gets t-boned by another car. Like many other great Southland scenes, the violence was swift, brutal, and came out of nowhere. The episode ends with Sammy lying unconscious or dead in the driver’s seat, and Ben stumbling out of the car while frantically calling for an ambulance. We’ll have to wait until next week to see how the consequences of the risk Ben took will fully affect his partner.

Two quick notes:

  • Tang does get promoted to Sergeant, and I heard Lucy Liu has been cast in an upcoming pilot, so it seems likely that she’ll be leaving the show. That’s disappointing, because I have really enjoyed her interaction with Cooper. Here’s hoping they can find another good partner for me.
  • The crazy guy in the golf ball suit was highly entertaining.

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