Two More Days Until the Return of Community

Have you flipped your couch cushions? Fluffed the throw pillows? Figured out where you’re ordering takeout from on Thursday night?

Clearly, we all need to be preparing. Community is returning in a mere two days. And if you’re a Community fan (or a Community newcomer), you need to do your part. Watch it live on Thursday, March 15. After all, the preview told you to.

But I can’t just make vast declarations about when to watch, how to watch, and how to make sure you’re comfortable with few distractions while you watch. How about a little Community humor to tide you over until Thursday? Well, here you go. My favorite little ditty from Community.

This version’s a little clippy and fanmade, but you still get the feel of the number. Oh, Community.

Show your fandom on Twitter: #sixseasonsandamovie! And watch it live on Thursday night!

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