Army Wives: See You Again…

ARMY WIVES: 6.03 “The Best of Friends”

Well, we don’t say good-bye in the army, Pamela. We say see you again.

So long, Pamela. She’s off to California with kids in tow. I have to say, I’m surprised. Not about Pamela specifically but about how they decided to kick someone off the show (and I assume if the montage is any indication, Pamela’s not coming back).

Since before the season started, we knew a wife wouldn’t be on the show anymore. With phrases like, “One wife won’t weather the storm,” and “One wife will be gone,” it was implied that one wife will meet an untimely death. The rather grim horizon behind our leading ladies in the promo images (take a look at my last post for an example) certainly made us feel like this season wouldn’t be the happiest of seasons.

But instead, we got Catherine’s accident, which she’s now fully healed from, and now Pamela’s leaving. Is that what they meant when they said she’d be gone? Or is this just a distraction from an eventual hardship later this season that will attempt to blindside us, now that we’re lulled into a false state of security?

As for Pamela, well, she was one of the first people I thought would leave the show. That was partly because of the rumors over a year ago about her getting a spinoff (which was later rejected) and because they’ve just run out of things to do with her. Now that Chase isn’t in Delta and she’s living off the base, well, what’s left? The only other person I could consider seeing kicked off the series is Joan, but that’s because she’s just been so grumpy and unlikable lately. But then what would Roland do? And I love Roland.

Anyway, Pamela’s gone, and Army Wives did it in good style. I’m not the only one who got a little misty watching the montage, and let’s be honest, I think Roxy’s reaction could bring tears to the eyes to the coldest woman alive. Really, well done.

As for everything else, well, I was excited to see Kelli Williams on the show, and I wonder if she’ll be a new regular face. She’s certainly a threat to Claudie Joy, and I look forward to seeing that dynamic. Once Roxy gets over her loss of Pamela, she’ll be thrilled with her new house, and I’m glad that Roland’s son is now finding friends (even if I do see some major tension with the youth center’s leader and Joan). Looks like the show is back to some brighter times. But then again, we’ll have to see.

So long, Pamela. Or I should say, see you again.


4 thoughts on “Army Wives: See You Again…

  1. This pisses me of man.I have been an army wives fan since day one,pamela was one of my favorite wives.This may cause me to stop watching army wives.

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  3. @ Tyrone….i agree i love pamela and i dont like this new jackie character at all….im hoping and awaiting pamelas return…it appears that claudia joy will find out some crazy news next episode…i have one thing to say if she leaves to idk how much longer i will continue watching the show

  4. pamela come back i might stop waching becuse your not there but i wont i love all of the carecturs i dont like jackie i think she is mean to cj and roxy will never get over it the are like bfffffffffffffs and i love army wives so mush and you pam i am turing my room and i have pics of you to hang it in so i dont freget about yo and i will never stop waching army wives i love you and the rest

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