Switched at Birth: All’s Fair in Love and Basketball


Oh, Emmett. Remember when we all loved Emmett? He was just so sweet and cute and everyone loved him? He was happy and low drama (well, except the love triangle because everyone loved him so much). And now…

I understand that the divorce has been tough on him. We’ve seen it building. And it’s really bad to be putting Bay in the middle. I guess I can see why he doesn’t want her in it at all — not giving them any information or playing either side. And she really did try, even if he couldn’t see it. She didn’t make a statement to the court, and she really just wanted to make sure Emmett was in a safe environment.

Ok, so she talked to his dad, but honestly, after finding out Olivia was dealing, I would, too. Actually, talking to his dad was the nice thing to do. She could have gone straight to the cops.

But Emmett overreacted (again) and took it a step further by sleeping with Simone. Now, we all knew this was going to happen when she saw him at the ice maker. But we all were also hoping it wouldn’t. Uggh. I hope Bay doesn’t forgive him for that one. It makes it worse, knowing that Bay is a “vegetable” and that she had a bad falling out with Simone. There’s no win here.

Speaking of Simone, until this point, I actually felt for her. She seemed like she genuinely wanted to be with Toby again and she genuinely wanted to be Daphne’s friend again. Plus, losing on top of that? Just not good.

Finally, there was the game. I’m glad Daphne’s team won, and it was rather interesting seeing how the deaf community was reacting. However, why did they want Daphne to be the role model/superstar? I mean, she’s a great player, but in the months that she was on the other team, they got really good. Wouldn’t someone else be on their radar as well? I guess that wouldn’t work all that great for the series.

Oh, but who cares. We all just want to know what’s going to happen with Emmett, right? Poor Bay…

A few other things:

  • Regina’s boyfriend (or to-be boyfriend) is super-nice and all, but slightly stalkerish. Randomly showing up at her house? Inviting her for a long weekend so soon? Circling the gym until someone took him OUT OF TOWN to find her? Eek.
  • I’m less than concerned about Katherine’s book deal. I kinda forgot that this was even part of the episode until I tried to figure out what I was missing. Is this interesting to anyone else?
  • On that same note, I really doubt that a publisher would choose a journalist’s telling of the tale over a memoir. Just my own educated guess.

One thought on “Switched at Birth: All’s Fair in Love and Basketball

  1. Emmett was just being a teenage boy in this episode. But vegetables deserve better!

    And 100% true about Regina’s stalker.

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