One Tree Hill: Sons and Whores

ONE TREE HILL: 9.09 “Every Breath Is a Bomb”

With the big ending last week with Chase’s brutal beating of Chuck’s father, I was pretty amped up to see what happened with him. The last we saw him, he was in the back of a squad car, blood spattered on his face. And for us, we didn’t know if Chuck’s father lived or died.

Well, as it turned out, he made it. At least, he was hospitalized. And we picked up right where we left off, with the cops investigating the scene. Now, I have to make a little quibble with what comes next. Chase’s fate came down to the answer of one question: Chuck, did your father hurt you? Well, Chuck lies (for a reason we never really find out) and says no. Had he said yes, Chase probably would have been ok. Right?

Um, well, apparently only in Tree Hill. I’ve seen enough law shows to find out that even if Chase was defending Chuck, Chuck was outside and not inside at the time of the beating. And he beat him with a tire iron. This doesn’t really feel like “self-defense” — or whatever it is when you defend others.

In the end, the power of truth saved Chase. Chuck came forward. Chase was discharged (though not dishonorably), and he won’t even go to jail, now that Chuck’s father is on his way there. A happy ending, though not a realistic one. Note to all you military folk out there that don’t want to go serve: Just beat a bad father and have the kid speak up for you. You’ll be all set.

Meanwhile, Haley did a wonderful impression of a whore this week, seducing one of Nate’s kidnappers for information. Well, really to lead him into an alleyway to be beaten, then kidnapped, then tortured and interrogated. There’s something about Dan taking charge in such a dark, dark way that’s completely intriguing. But hey, he’s doing it for his son.

Speaking of son, Clay has been reunited with his memory of his son, and attempted to reunite with the son himself. Honestly, Logan is probably the cutest kid around (sorry, Jamie), but even he can’t get past what Clay is telling him. I’m sure they’ll reunite (they can’t keep the puppy-eyed twins down for long), but it’s an interesting storyline. I guess what we still have yet to discover is how Quinn will really take in all of this. A couple episodes ago, she said she’d take whatever their life gave them. I don’t think she expected Sarah and Clay’s six-year-old son.

Now, let’s turn to Mouth for a little while. The sudden mention of Jimmy was a little odd, but I guess Mouth has decided to put his life back together (or at least lose a few pounds). That’s good.

Finally, Brooke. Man, they’re certainly making Xavier into a creepy stalker. I don’t understand, especially with the threat in the parking lot, how she and Julian couldn’t just get a restraining order. What he really wants with them — just revenge? — I guess we’ll have to see. But with him in the kids’ bedroom holding one of their sons, I can’t say it’s anything good.

Only four episodes left of One Tree Hill. I really don’t know what I’m going to do — or what’s going to happen next. What do you think?


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