Community Returns March 15th! (The Preview)

Bahhhh! If you weren’t watching The Soup last night (or watching the web today), you may have missed the new preview of the return of Community. And man, is it good.

Man, is it good!

Check it out below:

Not only does it look, well, kickass and hilarious, but did I see a massive pillow fight in there?! Huzzah!

Ok, all awesomeness aside, there’s one thing to note: WATCH IT LIVE ON NBC. If you didn’t get that message, let me reiterate: Do you want NBC to renew Community? Do your part. Watch it live. Clearly, if NBC’s touting that message at the end of its promo, it’s an important thing to do. Not sure how they’ll be making their renewal decisions, but one thing’s for sure: Live watching counts.

So watch the return of Community (and all those thereafter) on March 15th. It’s only a week away! And I can hardly contain my excitement.

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