The Walking Dead: Bye Bye, Old Timer

THE WALKING DEAD: 2.11 “Judge, Jury, and Executioner”

I think I liked this episode of The Walking Dead better than the previous one; that’s not to say that parts of the episode weren’t boring (they certainly were) but I really did appreciate Dale’s doomed attempt to convince everyone in the group to spare the prisoner. I haven’t always liked Dale (like when he tried to hide the guns in the forest) but in this case, he was in the right, and I really appreciated his fearlessness in confronting Shane. While Dale, in the end, failed to convince anyone but Andrea to oppose the execution (we didn’t even get to see him talk to T-Dogg; that poor guy gets no screentime), his final speech in the house at sunset was a good one. I should have seen the foreshadowing in that moment, when he says something to the extent of “I don’t want to live in a world where you people will execute this kid” but for some reason I didn’t, so I was kind of surprised when the freed walker dragged the old man to the ground later and ripped his stomach open. Daryl puts poor old Dale out of his misery. I’d like to think that by now, the survivors will institute some sort of buddy system, where no one leaves the camp unless accompanied by someone else. At this point, you’d just have to have a deathwish to go anywhere by yourself.

I should spend a moment talking about Carl, who was a supremely annoying and self-centered kid in this episode. He did three really awful things in this episode: first, he talked back to poor Carol; next, he teased a zombie that was stuck in the mud, inadvertently helping free the monster which then went on to kill Dale at the end of the episode; finally, he encouraged Rick to shoot the prisoner in the head. Carl, the youngest one left in the group, is being quickly corrupted by the brutal world everyone lives in. I wonder if Dale’s death, which occurred because of Carl’s actions, will reverse that trend, or speed it up?

Only two episodes left in the season. If we’re lucky, maybe they’ll be off the farm by then.


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