Army Wives: That Was a Close One

ARMY WIVES: 6.01 “Winds of War”
ARMY WIVES: 6.02 “Perchance to Dream”

This was an interesting episode. For the last month or more, Lifetime has been advertising that this seasons, one wife won’t survive. I thought it’d take us a while to get there (and as it turns out, it will), but I was surprised to see that the first episode really made us wonder whether one of our favorite wives would kick it immediately.

It was smart marketing. No one expects a wife to die. Most of us would look at that car accident and go, “Oh, but it’s Roxy. They won’t kill her.” Or when Pamela comes and saves her, you’d think, “Pam’s a wife. She’s safe.” Even with Denise, you say, “Ouch, but she’ll pull through. I mean, she Denise for god’s sake.”

But in telling us that one wife, this season, won’t weather the storm (it’s not a spoiler, it’s all over commercials right now), we’re suddenly questioning everything we’re seeing. Suddenly, I’m imagining Roxy being electrocuted by a loose wire. Roxy and Finn running to the cop car with Pamela behind, only to get trapped herself (or blown up for that matter). Or finally, seeing Denise choose the imaginary life she’s seeing in her coma over the life that has her son dead and gone.

We got a happy ending this time, but I can’t promise we’ll be so lucky later this season. Who will it be? Who?

What’s interesting in this episode was Denise’s journey. Now, this isn’t unfamiliar to Army Wives fans. For those of us who suffered the loss of Amanda in the season two premiere (uggh, it still hurts), we saw Claudia Joy’s own coma-led dream world, where Amanda was alive, scarred, but heading to college. Then in the end, she realizes this is wrong. That Amanda would never go to college. That Amanda would never be scarred. That Amanda would never do anything because she was lost in the explosion.

For Denise, we were prepared a bit better. We knew that Jeremy wasn’t alive, so we knew we were in her dream world. Even so, while it was cheesy, even I felt that loss again when the older Jeremy switched back to the young man in his army fatigues, knowing that Denise was saying good-bye to someone she’ll never see again.

As unrealistic it is, Denise woke up right before being shipped off to Maryland, and she was happy to be alive. But that doesn’t mean everyone’s safe. Sure, they’re all staying on the base — no more moving — but things won’t be all silver linings, smiles, and laughs.

Something ominous is coming. And we just have to wait and see what it is.


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