Thursday Open Thread: It’s a Vent-Off!

Ok, so I don’t really have anything I passionately want to discuss in an open thread, so I thought it might be better if you all did a little of the talking.

What is currently ticking you off or annoying you like crazy on TV right now?

You all have read enough of my stuff that I’m constantly annoyed at something. Whether it’s Target’s annoying commercials (just because it’s in French doesn’t mean the song’s still not indie crap) or the fact that people are still watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager. That show alone makes the entire TV industry look bad. And yet, it’s successful.

But what’s been grinding your nerves lately? What’s been on your mind?

If I had to choose something right this second, it might be poorly-timed hiatuses. Two weeks ago, we had a crazy episode of Revenge, one that we’d been waiting since the pilot to find out more about. And then what happens? We get a week off. What’s more? After we get an intensely awesome episode last night, we are shocked to discover that new episodes return in April. April. By the time the show comes back, One Tree Hill will have completed its series. Ugggh.

It’s not that I don’t understand the need for a break, but can’t we time them better? I’d rather shove last night’s episode in with the one in April — or let us watch it last week, instead of a rerun — than have it orphaned between two weeks of nothing. And this is one of the most popular shows on TV right now. Imagine how they’re treating shows that aren’t as mainstream or popular?

But what about you? What’s driving you nuts right now? I’m sure I can add more (I may add some more topics to the comments), but get us started.



3 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: It’s a Vent-Off!

  1. I am annoyed that Bones has not come back on yet! It finally premiered in November (it’s late because of MLB playoffs/World Series). We had a few weeks of episodes and it has not come back on since Christmas! American Idol is partly to blame for this since they show the auditions on Thursday nights. The show will finally come back on March 15th. But I feel like the season will be only 10 episodes long. It’s really frustrating.

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