Parenthood: Wedding Bells, Jasmine Smells…

PARENTHOOD: 3.18 “My Brother’s Wedding”

While I know I’ve been a very bad blogger lately, I have been trying to keep up with Parenthood, even if Raked hasn’t been showing it. But after last night’s finale, I have to say a few words.

Does Jasmine just seem to get everything she wants? She out of the blue tells Crosby that she still loves him and that she wants to marry him, and of course, he’s thrilled. So is Jabbar. But they’re both in relationships — especially Jasmine. I mean, her significant other is buying a house with her family in mind; that’s how serious they are. Yet, when we see Crosby and Jasmine having their tough conversations, Jasmine gets off easy, which Crosby gets the girl who’s yelling and screaming. Are you kidding me? No wonder she’s such a bitch. No one seems to ever cross her except Crosby. And look how well that’s turned out in the past.

All that being said, the wedding was nice. I’m glad Crosby got his happy ending. But I won’t lie and say I wish Jasmine had stayed miles away like she was a couple seasons ago, doing her dance thing on the other coast while Crosby lived his life there. Uggh.

Meanwhile, Crosby was having his own issues with Adam, who went behind his back to try to sell the Luncheonette. Adam seemed to think this was no big deal, but even I was annoyed that he was so dumb. Of course, Crosby would be upset if he went behind his back to have a discussion the prospective buyer, and even shook on an agreement that he’d turn Crosby around. Now, should Crosby have been so petty as to demote him from Best Man? Maybe not. But he surely had the right to be angry.

Meanwhile, poor Julia and Joel are dealing with the loss of the son they thought they’d be getting. And in response, they changed the parameters of their search. Basically, at any time, a kid could be dropped off on their doorstep, waiting to be adopted. It sounds great on paper, right?

Well, I guess we all saw what that could really mean. A baby was not left for them at their house like they were expecting. Instead, they got a little boy — a boy older than the daughter they already have. But they agreed, so they can’t back down. And it certainly doesn’t sound like he’s had the best life so far, especially if his mother had to give him up because she was being taken to jail. This could bring some rather big problems later (and I assume at this point, there will be a next season? After all, NBC’s been calling this a season finale).

Sarah and Mark had their own issues, as Sarah suddenly decided she might not want a baby. I’m not sure where this came from or why, but it’s a pretty common theme in serious relationships right now. I guess in the end, we find out that they’re still together, that he would rather have Sarah than kids, but I guess we all know where this relationship is headed. Which is fine. After all, I thought it was rather crazy that they randomly wanted a kid right now anyway.

Speaking of kids, for all you Drew fans, holy crap! I didn’t see this little plot development coming at all, and it appears that Drew not only grew up really fast but did it in a rather ballsy way. Sex upstairs with an entire wedding downstairs? Whoa. I really don’t know what to think about this one, but if the show does continue and he gets a stupid pregnancy plotline, I’ll be pissed. Drew’s a good kid. Let’s keep it that way.

And I guess there’s not really much else to say. There’s Amber, who got her job back. But beyond that, this episode felt suspiciously like a finale for a show that doesn’t know its renewal chances.

What did you think? Were you pleased? Shocked? And what do you want for next season?


One thought on “Parenthood: Wedding Bells, Jasmine Smells…

  1. Felt like this could have been a series finale, if they wanted it to be. Hopefully they’ll be back for another season. I can see some trouble with the new, older kid in Julia, Joel and Sydney’s lives, just as I can see some big problems with Crosby and Jasmine despite the happy ending. I hope they stay away from a dumb pregnancy scare plot with Drew, though. They’re so played out.

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